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  1. Update after mainte: This is ok now. Thanks GM.
  2. Hi GM, For my merchant 1 aspd was added. What happen in my assasin there is no ASPD bonus even 1? considering my aspd in assasin is greater than my merchant?
  3. Please check below w/o equips: Still didnt received aspd bonus. only the side effect -mdef and -def.
  4. GM, Pakicheck naman wala aspd bonus and petite pet? screenshot w/o pet: screenshot w/ loyal pet:
  5. IGN: ORAYT Pet Name: Pepetite
  6. oraaayt

    max aspd for sin

    Gm sure b naabot 190. haahha baka sinasabi u e walang weapon.
  7. inantay q tlga mag 1 hr para makita kung may papasok na points. wala tlga. nagrecon naman ako.
  8. oraaayt

    oraayt store

    s> grape juice 34k/100 pcs 1k pcs sold s> picky egg card offer
  9. Gm please assist. IGN: ORAAAYT thanks
  10. oraaayt

    Middle East

    hello mga kabayan! sana madame tayong middle east players! Qatar here.
  11. oraaayt

    max aspd for sin

    Anyone knows what will be the max aspd for assasin?
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