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  1. nyenye

    Hello Phantom & TEKTEK

    Hello my sons! Did you miss me?
  2. nyenye

    Unable to double-click ingame

    This is strange because im in window mode also but my scaling is already 100%. However i still have difficulty in using bwing and flywing. I need to double click atleast twice. When i put it in hotkey, i need to press twice for flywing
  3. nyenye

    443 Guild

    Hello TEKTEK
  4. nyenye

    Problem with Shortcut

    i dont have geforce app. my gpu is amd radeon
  5. nyenye

    Problem with Shortcut

    im experiencing the same problem since day 1
  6. nyenye

    Forger Weapons

    how much is wind damascus sir?