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  1. Nova

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN: Nova #RSSRestart #RSS #ROKON #RSSelfie
  2. Nova

    not even trying

    top players only
  3. Nova

    not even trying

    Look at the top 20 characters in the server. Which guild are they in?
  4. Nova

    not even trying

  5. Nova

    not even trying

    PM aaron in forums
  6. Nova

    not even trying

    best guild. up
  7. Nova


    Thanks! See you around when server goes up!
  8. Nova

    not even trying

    p2w (not even trying) vs 2 guilds
  9. Nova


    Who am I - 25 y/o Filipino living in California! I work as a registered nurse full time but gaming is my passion! Why you should watch? - Great music playlist, memes, and "high level" ragnarok gameplay! Will be streaming WoE with Not even trying (#1 iRO guild) / Savage guild (top Sarah guild back in the old server) and my grind to 99 and to get rich Not even trying guild is recruiting! - check out the guild recruitment forums or look for Aaron in the forums for an invite to our discord server! (We have over 80+ active members)
  10. Nova

    not even trying

    #1 guild in iRO for the past 10 years. We also have filipino members so you dont feel left out! GGez
  11. Nova

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    IGN: Nova Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/andre.recana
  12. Nova

    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    Why would you wait? I know alot of big guilds are holding back from joining because some of the questionable balances such as the 5s cd on asura. If you show them you know how to balance by listening to hardcore players who have yeaaaars of experience playing in top level GVGs then alot more people would invest time and $$ because they see the potential. Time is never on ragnaroks side, people will get bored waiting for monks and once they arrive realize how bad they are since they cant kill knights properly.
  13. Nova

    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    what point does it matter when you supply everyone so more people can participate when realistically there will be guilds that are way bigger and can crush smaller guilds? aaron is right when he says that giving asura a 5cd removes the skill aspect in GVGs so it will just be "who has the more members/knights" fiesta. If you remove the CD in woe lt allows actual coordination between members who to fist and allows smaller guilds to put up a fighting chance. Please reconsider GM, if the community who decides if your server is successful or not all agree on something shouldnt you atleast consider rather than telling them they are wrong?