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  1. Navinzair


    Gonna see how it will end.
  2. Navinzair

    Equipment drop rate

    Hi folks. A wild idea regarding overall rates, eq refine chances and VIP accounts, which will make F2P players gameplay a little easier. Usually players (or maybe it's just me lmao) tend to keep good cards until they get a well refined piece of eq, but with these rates it might take too long to get one and it might be demotivating to keep playing on a low lvl grounds to farm that eq stuff. Also I dig that ppl can farm cash just to buy these stuff but that't not the point. So my idea is to make equipment rate a little higher than it is proposed now... ofc depending on servers population.
  3. Navinzair


    Sup guys! Seen some familiar names here so I'm gonna stroll around here for a while i guess. Probably gonna make a casual guild and tend to go AFK in the middle of town. xD Be seein ya