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  1. Answer: Mastering IGN: MyNameIsRoi
  2. Good morning! A gentle follow-up on this. Thank you. Regards, Roi
  3. Hi! Good evening, this is to report a bug re: BS Sacramenti. According to the Skill Modification thread in our forum (https://rssboards.net/topic/13-skill-modifications/), the skill B.S. Sacramenti has an area of effect (screen-wide) enchanting of armor for all party members. But as we try the skill, it enchants the armor of characters that are not in the party. Kindly view the image below for your reference. Regards, MyNameIsRoi
  4. IGN: lAmRoi Pet Name: PoiPoi
  5. Well, I love the song "How to save a life" by the Fray. And i think it's a suitable name for a full support priest. Hehe.
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