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  1. Happy Halloween! 🐭

  2. Mouse


    Welcome back dude!
  3. Mouse

    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    Since it got reverted back already, then i guess there's nothing to discuss here anymore. Btw welcome back, you're luffy right? Leader of savage guild? Looking forward to see you guys in action again.
  4. Mouse


  5. Mouse

    How is it going buddies!? \m/

    I also know this guy.
  6. Mouse

    How is it going buddies!? \m/

    Thanks! Dude, i'm not that old not to remember.
  7. Mouse

    How is it going buddies!? \m/

    Oh yea, i remember you, from the farmers club guild.
  8. Mouse

    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    I would like to suggest one thing, if grape juice is your only concern here, then why don't we adjust the price? Correct me if i'm wrong, it was 2points for each grape juice before right? Then lets adjust that to 3-4points, and also, the scene that i wanted to see in this new server of yours is that, i want the guilds to hunt more for their supplies, rather than sitting down on one side and just wait for a miracle.
  9. Your boy is back! I know some of you guys know me already, for the new comers let me introduce, i'ma Former Event Organizer/Support GM/Content Creator of RSS1(The previous server before this one) But, i'm not here for any of those, i'm here to play! Soooo i'll see you guys in-game buddies! *FIST BUMP* RoK On! \m/