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  1. monopoly

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN: monopoly
  2. Buy All your pieces guys ^^, anyone who wants Forged Itens, pm me too! The First One and the Top 1 Ranked Blacksmith !
  3. monopoly

    Forger Weapons

    Store ATT - 1x Wind 2 Handed Axe - 1,4m each 1x Ice 2 Handed Axe - 1,4m each 6x Wind Pike - 350k each pm Forger or monopoly
  4. monopoly

    Forger Weapons

    in this weekend i will be able, just do your order friend. 1,8m friend
  5. B> Rough Wind / Iron / Iron Ore, pm Forger

  6. monopoly

    Forger Weapons

    Ice Pike - 300k
  7. monopoly

    Forger Weapons

    no friend, only what i said before, mace i wont produce
  8. monopoly

    Forger Weapons

    i told it, i don't produce maces xD
  9. B> Iron 500z each Iron Ore 200z each Rough Wind 25k each Star Crumb 10k each Star Dust 1,2k each Coal 500z each pm: Forger or monopoly
  10. monopoly

    Forger Weapons

    i don't produce maces, only sword 1 and 2 hands, dagger, axes and spears
  11. monopoly

    Forger Weapons

    I make forged weapons. Pike Elemental - 400k Main Gauche Elemental 350k I'll be att this topic. Pm in Game for: monopoly Forger