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  1. IGN: virtzera Pet Name: BRAZIL
  2. Buy soldier skeleton card 400k, pm in fórum or IGN: virtzera
  3. monopoly

    Cafezao da Vo

    please create a proxy for BR please
  4. hi GM, good morning (from Brazil),

    There is a lot of people of Brazil playing, and new ones wanting to play, is possible to create a proxy for us?

    And our guild Cafezao da Vo want a emperium can i get please?

    Thanks a Lot!

    1. GM Vy Low

      GM Vy Low

      Hello, yes can you pm your Guild leader Character Name?

    2. monopoly


      its me, virtzera


  5. hey man twitch.tv/virtzrag gl from
  6. monopoly

    Cafezao da Vo

    Hey guys, guys from ****INGS and other guilds will play together here. see u
  7. monopoly


    alguém tem um programa de noping pra diminuir lag?
  8. B> Rough Wind / Iron / Iron Ore, pm Forger

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