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  1. mom

    Gimped Refine Rates?

    So screw everyone else that doesn't care about woe, huh. Gotcha. Well good luck I guess. I'm sure people will still want to pay for it either way. I just wanted to say that it's one of the more retarded changes in revo classic that didn't have to come here too. It doesn't help the economy as much as it hurts the playerbase. It will also narrow the creativity with builds, making people ignore +10 lvl 1 weapons in favor lvl 3 weapons that don't need that much upgrade.
  2. mom

    Gimped Refine Rates?

    Okay, but is there any chance you guys will reconsider moving back to the old refine rate table? There is seriously nothing wrong with it. 33% chance to break on +1 is pretty awful.
  3. mom

    Gimped Refine Rates?

    That sounds a bit better but do you honestly think the old refine rates were bad to warrant change? Even with the old rates, I'm sure people will still want enriched stones, will want their +7 armors and +9/+10 weapons. There's absolutely no need to revise the rates at all.
  4. I'm glad you guys are coming back. I played back during the old Sarah's hey day and I seriously want your comeback to be successful. I enjoyed it back then and I'm hoping I'd enjoy it again when it launches. One thing that I feel sad (even disgusted) about is the gimped refine rate. This is a "feature" that thai ro, and then eventually phRO, came up with that serves nothing but to siphon as much money from players. I mean of all the things you can "slightly" take from revo-classic, you take the ones that are heavily meant to cash in from players. Revo classic's renewal stats on classic settings felt great although a bit broken in some parts. Higher aspd felt great. A lot of things were nice. But I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that the reduced refine rate, losing safe refines altogether, didn't make sense aside from getting people to pay for enriched stones. You'd think lowering the refine rates like that would at least mean +1 is an over upgrade but if I remember correctly, not at all. Weapons and armors still got the same bonus as before but now you just really have to work hard for it. Or pay. Back then I didn't mind Sarah's donations, even payed for it a few times. They worked and felt fair. Increased exp and drop rate or no exp penalty upon death is a pretty fair system. Reducing the refine rate is just butchering an already working system and then offering a way to normalized it again is nothing but a cashgrab scheme. It's not like enriched stones aren't going to sell if they're offered either. Getting a weapon to +9 or +10 is already a great reason to buy them. If it's really how it's going to be, then it's safe to assume that you guys will also have to offer enriched stuff at some point or maybe put the normal rates back for vips. I'm not against that but for god's sake think about adding that feature again. A better scheme would be to offer vip members a better chance of refining using the old refinement table. It doesn't put non-VIPs at a disadvantage because they can still over upgrade their weapons to some degree. Or just sell enriched stones and not touch the refine tablers at all. I'm sure it will still sell.