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  1. My favorite implementation of this kind of thing on another server has been a command where you can set a drop percentage and when anything below that drops, it creates an effect on your screen to notify you.
  2. mesh

    5% Exp Death Penalty

    I think he can still have the extra money without having a 5% death penalty and forcing VIP. For the people not complaining part, I think once people without VIP are actually high level (95-97+) there will be more complaints. Right now the high level people (85-90) are mostly VIP anyways and the large majority of the population are relatively low level.
  3. mesh

    5% Exp Death Penalty

    I don't agree with this. With the amount of stuff in VIP/donation benefits (and the amount of people in-game that have headgears and vip status), the server admins are making a decent amount of extra money outside of paying for the server and advertisement. Also to note, I have VIP. I'm just saying this for other players.
  4. mesh

    5% Exp Death Penalty

    I'd say 5% on these low rates at level 95+ is unplayable and not fair at all. You are basically forcing people to use VIP. I think there should be more easily obtainable insurance scroll in that scenario (through reward points).
  5. mesh

    Elu and Ori market and enriched

    For bullet point #1, the ratio is completely dependent on how easy enriched items are to get relative to elu. If they are not THAT hard to get, 10elu + zeny ratio would make elu worthless (compared to before). So I'd like to understand what the drop rates of enriched items look like through MVPs. I imagine this ratio would need to fluctuate and I don't think we can easily decide the final ratio too early. What do you mean by #2 enriched items = normal rates?
  6. If we add enriched elu and ori (as Vy has been saying) obtainable through MvP, WoE, and potentially other means, can we do something to not kill the Elu and Ori prices/market? I'd assume almost none would actually upgrade to safe limit with vanilla elu and ori if they can do it with enriched without breaking. There were some suggestions such as an Elu/Ori to enriched conversion npcs based on a ratio. Can we make sure this happens? Also, how does enriched work for lower ores like pharacon and evermiticon? Any other ideas welcome (including just the refine system in general and any potential issue we see with that).