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  1. Melosythe

    Hullo c:

    Hey! I'm currently downloading the full client and thought "Why not introduce myself here?" so, here I am. I'm a PvM-oriented player cause I enjoy the endless pain of grinding farming very much. My mains will most likely include a huntress. I'm also still a huge noob, but I am always trying to improve my knowledge and skills. And I have some questions that I hope someone would be willing to answer :3 How is the economy? Stable? Meh? Hard to purchase items for newbies? Does the no multi client thingy really work? Would be awesome! Are all classes available? I don't mean trans. But I think the "alternatives" like rogue, monk, dancer, etc came later? I'm not sure. But I would love a rogue. Are they available yet? How easy is it to find partys? :3 And, of course, the most important question: is there a social/PvM guild who'd be willing to invite a newbie looking for a home? Alrighty, that's it :3 hopefully see y'all ingame :3 ~Melosythe