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  1. megamanx

    how to I use updater for gepard shield?

    thats why I am concerned cause its broken for my pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D. I am angry cause I didnt play rag for 2 weeks now. Please do something cause patcher is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  2. I reinstalled the game client cause of an error and it wont start cause it says I need to update gepard shield????. How do I do that since I pressed all the buttons to try to update and didn't do anything?.
  3. says login code then I put in login code 6 digit from email and doesn't work cause it doesn't do anything please fix it?????????????
  4. can anyone give me link to control panel and how to erase chars I have 4 I want to Erase and its been a while now trying to erase them????????
  5. megamanx


    Usable points uh the stuff with healing potions and grape juice forgot what its called but also has elemental arrows to buy, one thing thou my points keep on disappearing if I don't use them fast enough Its making me angry cause I cant save them.
  6. megamanx


    I made a second account a while ago and all my points 1000 disappeared, cause I didn't use them??????????????
  7. I cant erase chars in character select screen for some reason, I write my email to erase characters but it wont. Please fix and erase the following of my characters Lemon Cat, Mana Art, Doctor Mana and Zeta If ya need proof these are my characters message me somehow and I will give passeword to my account moderator or some other proof requested by you moderator.