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  1. LeCat


  2. LeCat

    Anime Recommendations

    Kiniro Mosaic Episodes: 12, 12 Status: Finished Airing (2 seasons, 1 movie) Genres: Comedy, School, Slice of Life
  3. LeCat

    Server Information

    Yes. As far as I know, the server will only do Pre-Trans episodes.
  4. LeCat

    When do you want 2-2?

    Just release 2-2 to stop all the "whining" I want this server to be great as much as anyone does. Please.
  5. LeCat

    What ♫ are you listening to?

    One of my favorite albums. Magic by Majiko~
  6. LeCat


    Heya! Good luck with your goals. Have fun
  7. LeCat

    Gym Pass

    Up. Yes please. I need more weight limit for my arrows
  8. LeCat


    Hell yeah Truckers!
  9. LeCat


    Cool. WIll drop by your stream sometime
  10. LeCat

    Random Funny Pictures/GIF's(Post 'em here)

    *googles most epic image on the internet*
  11. LeCat

    Idea for god items

    +1 more things to do is always welcome. also agree that the items needed for making the god equips to be not only guild treasure box exclusive. i think they should still drop for the treasure boxes though. since i guess it's one of the incentives of taking a castle.
  12. New anime season, more anime not to watch 😄

  13. LeCat


    Welcome! I'm sure you'll like this server, since the last one was pretty damn good. I'm also guildless coming into this, hoping to get one as well.
  14. LeCat

    MVP variance times

    what about 60-90 minutes?