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  1. https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming/videos/2998397986864138/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming/videos/280781546415608/
  3. https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming/videos/874309353050039/
  4. Please read pm.

    Thank you.

  5. https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming/videos/239849057088119/
  6. https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming/videos/540654779939577/
  7. Stream Link https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming/videos/902435153552040/
  8. Live ulit tayo mmayang 7pm para mamigay ng VIP giveaways. Be sure to watch and follow the stream. Sorry kanina may connection issue kya na ccut ung stream natin. Salamat! Follow me at: https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming
  9. We are going live up in a bit. Be sure to follow the stream and hit the notification button. Read the mechanics para sa giveaway natin. Salamat! IGN:0213 https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming
  10. Follow and hit the notif button @ fb.gg/213KyGaming para sa VIP giveaway mamaya. Abangan!
  11. Follow and Share my stream @ https://www.facebook.com/213KyGaming fb.gg/213KyGaming IGN: 0213 See you in game! ROK ON!
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