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  1. kirkpaws

    Server Information

    by the way, your voting system is still down, but i already see 98 votes
  2. kirkpaws

    Server Information

    please retain the assassin class buff like what we had before, its fun.
  3. kirkpaws

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    you changed the prize pool and the mechanics as well @[email protected], last week it was 5 tagged friends and 2 winners of archangel wings, now its 10 and 1 only -_-
  4. kirkpaws

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    In Game Name: Archer Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/kirk.corominas#_
  5. kirkpaws

    Skill Changes

    hopefully in the new sarah server it will be 2 hits with the required gutter lines. knights where really nerfed out on the old sarah server, had to improvise
  6. kirkpaws

    Server Information

    nice, because it mostly destroys PVP, WOE if ever as well, people tend to use the game more on business
  7. kirkpaws

    Skill Changes

    dont forget the bowling bash, it was pretty nerfed out last time
  8. kirkpaws

    Server Information

    i hope this will be a non revo server so that the game will be more on stat based