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    MYM - Make Your Move https://www.facebook.com/MYMguild/ RECRUITMENT: ON MYM is a strategic guild that uses different servers to practice and perfect their skills and strategy. We focus on the member’s weakness and adapt in a swift manner so that we can do our best in everything we do, we usually don’t care about the skill of the member but the LOYALTY that is sleeping within them. We don’t need people who intend to go to other guild after seeing they got ahead of us, because for us being guild means being a family, a one big happy family. Our members consist of players from all over the world, we don’t care if you are not a Filipino, we only care that you will stay with us with our highs and lows between emperium wars and guild wars, we may not be able to win the battle but we can just lick our wounds and try again since for us, it’s better to fall together than rise with your friends being the scapegoat. Long Live MYM!