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  1. john69

    Changes to increase the server pop

    "floating" exp/drops rates - instead of weekend only, make this once the vote hits a certain threshold. maybe 1k votes=exp/drops for 36 hours voting methods - give 1 gum/bm once every ~20 hours per 3 votes advertisement posts on reddit twitch streams - host monster spawn events, trivia, hide and seek, or something similar. maybe give streamers items to give away free VIP buff for new characters that lasts for a certain amount of time x amount of job manuals per new character @autotrade expanded leveling areas - majos, seals, and otters are often toxic because there arent enough places to level. i think all u need to do is increase spawn on west orcs (melee), CTHO high orcs, remove timers on isis in mids 4, and maybe increase some spawns in geffen dungeon more headgear quests - gives people a chance to turn in etc items while hunting for gear/cards no custom headgears tho pls