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  1. philippines. any server that i use its the same. it happens randomly and its lag even my party members is experiencng the same issue. no matter what PT i am i've been on different PT's already and its the same other members also saying its lag. I've already check my net and its fine
  2. I believe I'm not the only one exprcng. There are times I can play smooth but most of the time its really LAG or suddenly it will be spikey lag then go to smooth again and this randomly happens but most of the time its really lag. Pls Fix it
  3. Jake

    General Question

    I know. that's not my question @GM Vy Low
  4. Jake

    General Question

    General Question* How to get pods and what can i buy using this pods?
  5. @GM Vy Low im tryng to delete my character but it wont accept my email. I already check and its the right email I use. is their any issue in deleting a character?
  6. Jake

    Voting system and other questions

    btw.. i have read a discussion earlier and said teleport is disable on boss maps? like in toyfactory or orc village we cannot teleport either skill or item? or its only warp that is prohibited?
  7. Jake

    Voting system and other questions

    their is no like Mailing service so we can send it our friends in game even though their offline? and can i also ask the supply that u can gain on points/hourly points is that tradable?
  8. Jake

    Voting system and other questions

    @GM Vy Low this server can only open 1 client right? what are the ways to transfer the items/equipments to a different account? for example if I do have 2 different accounts