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  1. Indio

    Ragnarok on Mac [Wine]

    Finaly work!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! Version 1.7.55 working this video helps me :
  2. Indio

    Ragnarok on Mac [Wine]

    i ask her if she can show the link or upload this version, because i can't find this version to download, could you ask her?
  3. Indio

    Ragnarok on Mac [Wine]

    i tried contact Princessa DBC but she doesn't respond me =/
  4. Indio

    Ragnarok on Mac [Wine]

    I tried the latest Wine 3.0.3(not even open the client) i tried the paid version named CrossOver from CodeWeavers(not even open the client) i tried WineBottler 1.8 open the client but still not able to login i tried WineBottle 2.0(not even open the client)
  5. Indio

    Ragnarok on Mac [Wine]

    I didn't find this version to download =/ I already try wineskin and no good too(this not even open the client) I think Gepard is blocking the access =/
  6. I'm using Wine to open Ragnarok on Mac, but a i can't connect to de server, is there any way to solve this? Thanks!