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  1. iAnarchy

    Next Episode ETA

    Correct me if im wrong, Our current episode is Amatsu & Kunlun right?
  2. Heller, where do you usually stay?

    1. princessaDBC


      Payon town hehe right

  3. iAnarchy

    Rework Refine system

    +1. make sense
  4. iAnarchy

    Forger Weapons

    Do you forge elemental hammers?
  5. Can someone send me a Classic Monster Flee Chart please

  6. iAnarchy

    Farming Merchie

    Can anyone tell me what's the best Stats for a farming merchant and a good spot to farm and levelup as well. Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm Captain Earth from the guild "The Farmers Club". Btw, Im gonna making a new in-game name "Anarchy" but still a farmer player. See you there!
  8. iAnarchy

    How is it going buddies!? \m/

    Glad you remember it.
  9. iAnarchy

    How is it going buddies!? \m/

    Wow! Captain Earth here.
  10. iAnarchy

    Server Information

    Free supplies na daw sa PvP Wala na silbi mga farmers. /sad
  11. iAnarchy

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    In Game Name: Anarchy Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/redyuu69
  12. iAnarchy

    Server Information

    Captain Earth - The Farmers Club is here.