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  1. Hyouka

    Make Your Move

  2. Hyouka

    5% Exp Death Penalty

    @Mesh Where do you live? It's not that expensive to maintain the server if you live in PH. Even though you have staffs you can still earn a lot. and I mean A LOT! just imagine 12$ for a month of VIP multiplied by lets say 50% of the current population. 12 x 100 = 1,200 (1,200 x 52php) = it's a whooping 62,000 php in a single month just for the VIP. I'm also a VIP user, I just want the game to be more fair for the ones who can't afford it.
  3. Hyouka

    5% Exp Death Penalty

    @Vy Low, Do you think 5% death penalty is fair? You're simply pushing everyone to be a VIP to avoid that exp penalty. Isn't it a one sided decision? Because 5% is a big one! especially that you don't sell protection scrolls in the reward shop. People who can't afford a VIP should be considered too you know.
  4. Hyouka

    History of RSS

    Can you confirm the enabling of teleport skill to the MVP maps?
  5. Hyouka

    History of RSS

    Ok Sir! I get your point, I'll pray to the Gods of midgard for the RSS: restart to be more successful than the previous one. Godspeed!
  6. Hyouka

    History of RSS

    @jaryl Dude!, you personally know that GVG guilds don't use assasins right? So you think by buffing sonic blow will be enough reason for it to be used by GVG guilds? You are also aware that the Asura can be easily dispelled right? It's all about the perspective and gameplay. You know that GVG guilds are one of the main reason that RSS boomed when it started. And nobody is complaining about the underpowered sonic blow and as you had said overpowered Asura. The old GVG guilds will come back and try to see if RSS is still worthy of playing again. So please don't screw it. Casual RO players have a small player base unlike GVG players that has big player base. You're a GM in Endless and you know it. I don't have to explain it that much. Once again, please don't screw up this time. $$$ *kaching*
  7. Hyouka

    History of RSS

    Here we go again! I used to play on this server since it began 2 years ago and I was awed by the player base and server settings until Strider(jaryl) started to nerf and buff assorted things. Why fix something that is not broken? Remember what happened to the old RSS? you reduced the damage of asura and buffed the sonic blow and the usage of gems in the skill of dispell for some unknown reasons. And then boom! A lot of guilds left the server. Now you're "fixing" the refine rates and usage of teleport in the MVP maps? Please don't make the same mistake twice or history will repeat itself. Learn from your mistakes.
  8. Hyouka

    RGM> Make Your Move

  9. Hyouka

    Teleport on MVP/Mini Boss Maps

    Why disable the teleport skill on MVP maps? My friends and I used to play in this server and hunt MVP's all day long and our main source of zeny is from hunting. I don't get it. Do you want the MVP hunting more competitive? Because the old MVP set-up is competitive enough by giving a random respawn time for the MVP to resurrect, so why?