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  1. Hoodwink

    Patch music too loud

    you could easily disable it by erasing rssbg on the bgm folder of your rss file folder.
  2. Hoodwink

    Punishment for using Macro

    +1 to you bro.
  3. Hoodwink

    Punishment for using Macro

    or you could have got him killed again and your party continued. not siding on marky here, i speak to and for all and not only for some. there really are many ways to counter such acts as people who play are bigger and muuuuuuuuuch much more and far moooooooore efficient than macro'd up folks. and if thats the case, you could have reported him as KS'ing. which could also be sanctioned. but if a macro'd up character outwits you in any way possible, i dont think you know how to play the game im sorry.
  4. Hoodwink

    Punishment for using Macro

    you can macro a wiz, you can macro a suffra priest, you can macro a bard and a dancer when 2-2 comes out. and im just saying this on the levelling perspective. theres no way you can macro a lurer, an ab fs priest, and hunters. many of us are playing with multi accounts using multiple pc's and for example you have 2 members on the party, you can be more efficient by macroing a wiz and luring on the other pc. it actually helps. and PS, those who cry about macro users are: 1. they have but dont now how to configure it. 2. they dont have the money to buy awesome peripherals 3. they have but just want to cry about it. 4. cdr-king branch owners who want to sell more shitty keyboards for 100 pesos.
  5. Hoodwink

    Punishment for using Macro

    macroing to farm while being afk? how? i havent seen a macro config that can loot. ive been to many servers, trans and what not, SPP for example in woe is hard to do without a decent macro keyboard. its almost 2019 yes, and the mechanics of the game evolves too. not that im against this law, but if it is really killing the game we all love, then so be it. unfair advantage? macro users get dead every once in a while and they wont be even half as efficient as active non macro users, its a price macro users are taking and i think this helps for a server thats 600+ population where there arent many parties and characters that are levelling for that matter. this is just my opinion and there is really no reason for a macro player gain "such" advantage in 2-2.
  6. Hoodwink

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN : Hades vape on!!
  7. Hoodwink


    the shaking effect of some skills mainly lov et al. can it be switched off? if not, please make a command to have it switched off. it triggers my astigmatism and as a result could not play longer hours than intended. i know there are others who didn't like it too, twould be a big help if it could be switched off. thanks admin!
  8. Hoodwink

    anyone watching "The Blacklist"?

    well 10/10 i would. its mostly about crime and law in the most twisted way possible. the only pissing thing about it is that its still unfinished at season 5 and the story will leave you hanging big time.. i think s6 will start sometime this year or early next year. im burnt out whilst playing the waiting game.
  9. Hoodwink

    Holy Grail

  10. globe telecom sucks black dicks big time

  11. Hoodwink

    Reason behind your IGN

    were both former valarians and you dont know me hence im quite dissappointed. well then i might as well have to keep you guessing. HAHAHAHAHAHA! just tell jeegs "boss of sbc" says hi. anyways, im already here so wtf, HOODWINK - to con, to fool, to mislead someone. ---- is a character that translates into my persona and its a freakin cool ign to begin with. so wth.
  12. Hoodwink

    Reason behind your IGN

    jeego valenton. i think hes your school mate or classmate not so sure. but definitely saw him with you on some pics.