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  1. Godfather

    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    I dont think is that hard to understand that everyone who plays RO nowadays are like 24+ years old and has life, children, job, university, wife, girlfriend and cant be arsed to be in front of computer anymore for 20 hours like we used to do 8 years ago. supplies cant be hard to obtain, 2 RP is fine
  2. Godfather


    you re already mine
  3. Godfather


    cant wait to February arrive and 2-2 arrive to start going ham, with all my heart I only desire good luck to everyone here
  4. Godfather


    gl mike nice to see u around bro
  5. Godfather

    not even trying

    cool kids, join these guys for 2-1 for domination
  6. Godfather


    Videos: https://pastebin.com/wXa537N3 Recruitment: https://discord.gg/wkYqvQK As you might already know, Savage aims to be the best pre-trans guild on every server and we already managed to do that in every single server we stepped in. We are well known and feared in every server we play, many guilds have already tried to beat us but they never really managed to. We are not here to **** around. If you face us, believe me, you'll get your ass kicked. Prepare to have your guild wiped in less than 10 seconds and realize why Savage is the most dominant guild in pre-trans. You can simply watch some of our vids on youtube and try to learn or just applaud as you watch us destroying countless guilds in a few seconds. We already won against basically every single guild in the entire world: pinoys, brs, europeans, russians, chileans and north americans. It's not even fun anymore. We've already dominated 6 servers, Dawn of Midgard, RSSv1, Rise of Midgard, PlayRO, RagnaXP and Siege of Valhalla; and once 2-2 arrives, RSSv2 will be the 7th. See you in February. Remaining information will be added once we settle.
  7. Godfather

    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    Like everyone else said, this change is bad for the server. We've talked with other guilds about these changes and they were also against it so I don't see how this would benefit the woe. This change really influences the balance of woe and some of the guilds we know, which some of them played on the last sarah server, were not interested in playing woe with such game-changing nerf. Don't forget that the nerf on the asura was also one of the reasons why my guild and others left Sarah Server before all the other guilds.