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  1. Changelogs Updated Happy Hour Rewards. We also reset the current rankings as we need to modify everything to work as intended. Added Nose Ring as one of the Requirements. Top 10 Contributors will received 50x Ymir coins and 500 Reward Points Top 3 Monthly Contributors will receive 1. 1x Gym Pass Box, 1000 Reward Points, 500x Ymir Coins and 1x Costume Twin Cannon 2. 1x Gym Pass Box, 1000 Reward Points, 300x Ymir Coins 3. 1x Gym Pass Box, 1000 Reward Points, 100x Ymir Coins Enabled Emergency Call on FE Castle but will be disabled in SE Castle.
  2. Hello, choose singapore server when selecting the proxy and see if you were able to login! RoK On!
  3. Its a chained quest, you need to go through each part.
  4. COSTUME BLACK KHALITZBURG KNIGHT HELM QUEST 1. To begin the Quest talk to Sabiku at Morocc 87,231. 2. After Talking to Sabiku, You will then need to kill 2000x to proceed to the next stage of the quest wherein he will ask for certain requirements. 3. Requirements needed: 10,000,000zeny 1x Khalitzburg Card 1x Bone Helm 1x Helm[1] 1x Orc Helm 3x Silvervine Fruit ( Obtainable Through Reward Shop and Streamer Box ) 20x Necklace of Oblivion 100x Chivalry Emblem 1000x Ymir Coins Reward: Costu
  5. Welcome to RSS ms Blushing Virgin!! RoK On!
  6. Costume Tomboy Fairy - Chained Quest Once, an enchanted elf went far from his hometown, lots of miles in search of gems from the Norman world, so that he would make himself turn into an advanced being in order to protect his race. With too much of the journey he has gone, he lost his way and ended up getting stuck in Midgard. Lots of monsters attacked him in the fields where he ventured. His trip caused him to exhaust his resources in order to survive. He once sold his golden ears in the towns, which he is capable of growing back once cut off. Those ears are said to bring goo
  7. Changelogs Added New Costume on Donation Shop Added Costume on Reward Shop Removed Reward Coupon on Beginner's Package(Possible Abuse) Remove Reset Skill/Stat NPC New Chain Quest for Costume: Tomboy Fairy Added Drops Darklord Soulpiece on Dark Lord Updated our Streamer Program New Reward Shop Items: Costume Vanargard Helm (200k Reward Points) Costume Hankie in Mouth (100k Reward Points) Costume Volume Low Twin (100k Reward Points) Costume Miyabi Long Hair (100k Reward Points) Costume Guild Member Wanted (50k Rew
  8. COSTUME EVIL DRUID CROSS 1. To begin the Quest talk to Himel at Geffen 111,115. 2. After Talking to Himel, You will then need to kill 1000x and 1000x to proceed to the next stage of the quest wherein Himel will ask for certain requirements. 3. Requirements needed: 10,000,000zeny 1x Evil Druid Card 1x Cross Hat Headgear 100x Amulet 5x Silvervine Fruit ( Obtainable Through Reward Shop and Streamer Box ) 2000x Ymir Coins 3x Darklord Soulpiece ( Obtainable Through Dark Lord 30% Drop Rate) 4. After Co
  9. Changelogs Added Blue Herb on Tool Dealer Added White Herb on Reward Shops Added Healing Potion Box Converter Added Name Change NPC(morocc,144,100), Requires Name Coupon. Free Reset/Skill NPC Added 1 day vip to donation shop and Name Change Coupon. Added Angel Wing Ears and Evil Wings Ears to Costume Convert Replace donation shop with a new set of costumes Added Warp on orc vill kafra New Quest Costume Coming this October Costume: Evil Druid Cross - Robe (Can Be obtain only for the month of October) Costume: Jitter
  10. Changelogs Added Experience Scroll Box and Autotrade Certificate to Donation NPC Autotrade implemented ( Hourly Disabled when autotrade ) Added New Costume on our Donation NPC Added Guild Package Updated Beginner's Set Donate Promotion For the month of September. (commands @topdonators) Added Guardian on cmd_fild02 Entrance. On Going Events Like and Share Level RuSSH Event Like and Share Beginner's Set Event Guild of The Month Upcoming Updates Happy Hour modification Free Reset Stats and Skill New S
  11. Changelogs Fixed Bio Cannibalize item requirements on @restock Added New Set of costume on donation shop and remove current costume list Added Binoculars, Panda Hat, Orc Hero Helm, Ancient Elven Ears, and Blush Headgear to Costume NPC Added Reward Coupon to Reward Shop Orc Village is now set to PK Mode Disabled Skill on Training Grounds
  12. Comment here for the 3rd Qualifying Rounds Current Standings Uprising Gods 5 ECA 4 IMMORTALS 4 Elyunium 4 Finest 2 Blacklist 2 Impervious 2 AishabelleTV 2 Asgard Order 1 Eternium 1 LimitBreaker Dynasty 1 Iglesia Ni Damaso 1 Viva Brazil 1 Fuck Shit 1
  13. yes you can remove hunter trap
  14. Comment here for the 2nd Qualifying Rounds Current Standings Uprising Gods 4 Elyunium 3 Finest 1 IMMORTALS 1 Asgard Order 1 Blcklist 1 Eternium 1 Impervious 1 AishabelleTV 1
  15. Mechanics Create a Party Max of 7 Players Only 1 Monk per Team. All Player must be in one Guild Only 1 Entry Guild Party with the fastest time to kill the all 3 MvP will be our BTA Champion. For consolation prize, Guild must kill all 3 MVPs to avoid troll players. There will be a 15 Minutes time Limit. Call Time will be 8pm Later Server Time. Each Members of BTA Champion will received 1x Zodiac Costume of Choice ( Choose 1 costume for the whole team ) 1x Gym Pass Box 200 Eir Box 200x Ymir Coins
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