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  1. Mechanics Create a Party Max of 10 Players All Player must be in one Guild Only 1 Guild Per Entry Party with the fastest time to kill the all 3 MvP will be our BTA Trial Champion. @restock will be enabled on the event map. For consolation prize, Guild must kill all 3 MVPs to avoid troll players. Each Members of BTA Trial Champion will received 1k Reward Coupons 200 Ymir Coins Consolation 5x 100 Reward Points 100 Ymir Coins How to Join? Comment with the following Format Party Leader IGN: Vy Low Party Name: We Are Boss Hunters Guild: Exodus
  2. Download malwarebytes and ccleaner. scan your pc then reeextract the client
  3. Step 1 Step 2 Choose a mission - There is a 12 hour cool down for every Successful Mission as well as an hour cool down if abandoned. You also Get an exp multiplied by 25 based on the Monster you required to killed on your Mission. At the end of the month, Top 3 Mission Rankers will received, 100,50 and 30 Ymir Coins Respectively. Easy Medium Hard Talk to this NPC for Ranking INFO Commands @mission
  4. Patch Notes Added Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Costume on Ymir Shop Added New Costume on Donation Shop Added Hunting Mission Remove NOKS on Leveling Spot. ( cmd_fild02, alde_dun02) Hourly Reward has now a grace period of 1 hour. Updated Our proxy to cater International Players Costume: I Love RSS is now tradeable Disable warp on pvp_room. Headgear to Costume will be implemented Next update. On Going In Game Events Streamer Program Streamer Level Up Challenge SNR - Trial Boss Time Attack Cosplay Mania Where is GM Drogo Week 2 Download Manual Patch https://cloud.rssrestart.com/s/hMkKylkg5iQoATd
  5. You need to install your video card drivers
  6. can you try it with other character wit lower aspd.
  7. ive check it has effect, 1% is not that significant in your current aspd. can you test like removing your weapons etc.
  8. Version 5-29-2020


    Just download the patch and extract it to your RSS Folder
  9. download this, CCleaner and Malwarebytes. Scan your pc then restart. Dahil yan sa malware
  10. I suggest go to gh underprison
  11. A R R O W C R A F T I N G F A Q ARROW CRAFTING / MAKE ARROW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NPC Location : Morroc (122,109) First, you must find and locate the NPC. He is located on the Morroc near the town-square. Find the kafra with the Mr.Smile staff right there, then go to upper-left area from them. Search there and you will find the NPC right there. Anyway he will tell you that he need these items : +---------------------+----+----------------------------------------+ | Name | # | Drop from | +---------------------+----+----------------------------------------+ | Red Potion | 1 | Archer Skeleton (Or buy it for 50z) | | Resin | 20 | Elder Willow) | | Trunk | 13 | Elder Willow, Willow) | | Pointed Scale | 41 | Wormtail, Blue Plant) | | Mushroom Spore | 7 | Red Mushroom, Black Mushroom) | +---------------------+----+----------------------------------------+ ======================================================================== Arrow Recipes (sorted by items) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Items Results ------------------------|------------------------------------------ Amulet 40 Curse Arrow Ancient Tooth 20 Steel Arrow, 10 Crystal Arrow Ball'n'Chain 700 Iron Arrow, 50 Steel Arrow Barren Trunk 20 Arrow Bee Sting 1 Rusty Arrow Blade Lost in Darkness 600 Sharp Arrow, 200 Shadow Arrow Bloody Edge 600 Sharp Arrow, 200 Curse Arrow Blue Gemstone 10 Crystal Arrow, 1 Freezing Arrow Cactus Needle 50 Arrow Coal 8 Shadow Arrow Crystal Blue 40 Crystal Arrow Cursed Ruby 50 Curse Arrow, 10 Sleep Arrow Dead Branch 40 Mute Arrow Decayed Nail 1 Rusty Arrow, 1 Shadow Arrow Dokebi Horn 40 Iron Arrow, 2 Shadow Arrow Dragon Canine 50 Iron Arrow, 1 Oridecon Arrow Elunium 1000 Steel Arrow, 50 Stun Arrow Emperium 600 Immaterial Arrow, 600 Mute Arrow, 600 Oridecon Arrow Empty Bottle 2 Iron Arrow Emveratarcon 40 Silver Arrow, 20 Iron Arrow Evil Horn 20 Shadow Arrow, 10 Flash Arrow, 5 Stun Arrow Fang 40 Silver Arrow, 2 Sharp Arrow Fang of Garm 100 Crystal Arrow Fin Helm 200 Crystal Arrow, 200 Steel Arrow Fine-grained Trunk 20 Arrow Flame Heart 600 Fire Arrow, 5 Mute Arrow Foolishness of Blind 200 Flash Arrow Garlet 12 Iron Arrow Gill 80 Iron Arrow, 5 Crystal Arrow Glittering Jacket 1000 Flash Arrow Gold 50 Oridecon Arrow, 50 Flash Arrow Great Nature 150 Stone arrow, 5 Flash Arrow Green Live 50 Stone Arrow Horn 35 Iron Arrow Horrendous Mouth 5 Shadow Arrow Iron 100 Iron Arrow Iron Ore 50 Iron Arrow Jellopy 4 Arrow Key of Clock Tower 50 Oridecon Arrow Lantern 80 Iron Arrow Little Evil Horn 50 Iron Arrow, 2 Curse Arrow Loki's Whispers 1000 Shadow Arrow Lucifer's Lament 800 Stun Arrow, 400 Mute Arrow, 800 Sleep Arrow Menacles 50 Steel Arrow Mantis Scythe 1 Sharp Arrow Matchstick 1000 Fire Arrow Matyr Leash 50 Wind Arrow, 100 Steel Arrow, 10 Sharp Arrow Mole Claw 50 Iron Arrow, 2 Stone Arrow Mother's Nightmare 1000 Curse Arrow Mr Scream 200 Sharp Arrow, 300 Steel Arrow Mystic Frozen 150 Crystal Arrow, 5 Freezing Arrow Needle of Alarm 100 Arrow, 5 Sleep Arrow Ogre Tooth 30 Steel Arrow, 5 Rusty Arrow Old Blue Box 50 Sharp Arrow, 50 Sleep Arrow Old Hilt 1000 Oridecon Arrow Orc Claw 10 Steel Arrow Orc's Fang 30 Iron Arrow, 10 Steel Arrow, 1 Stone Arrow Oridecon 250 Oridecon Arrow Phantom of Opera 200 Steel Arrow, 40 Mute Arrow Phracon 50 Iron Arrow Porcupine Quill 70 Arrow,1 Stone Arrow Red Blood 200 Fire Arrow Red Gemstone 10 Rusty Arrow, 1 Poison Arrow, 1 Curse Arrow Reins 100 Iron Arrow, 50 Steel Arrow Rough Elunium 200 Steel Arrow, 5 Stun Arrow Rough Oridecon 50 Oridecon Arrow Rough Wind 150 Wind Arrow, 5 Sleep Arrow Scell 8 Steel Arrow Scorpion Tail 3 Rusty Arrow Silver Robe 700 Silver Arrow Silver Robe (Slot) 1000 Silver Arrow, 10 Immaterial Arrow Snow Horn 1000 Silver Arrow Solid Trunk 20 Arrow Star Crumb 30 Flash Arrow Star Dust 10 Flash Arrow Steel 100 Steel Arrow Stinky Scale 1 Poison Arrow Tooth of Bat 1 Shadow Arrow Tree Root 7 Arrow Trunk 40 Arrow Underground Key 100 Shadow Arrow Venom Canine 1 Poison Arrow Voucher Orcish Hero 5 Stun Arrow, 1 Oridecon Arrow Welding Mask 200 Steel Arrow, 40 Stun Arrow Wind of Verdure 50 Wind Arrow Wolf Claw 15 Iron Arrow Wooden Mail 700 Arrow, 500 Iron Arrow Wooden Mail (Slot) 1000 Arrow, 700 Iron Arrow Yellow Gemstone 10 Stone Arrow, 1 Sleep Arrow Young Twig 1000 Mute Arrow Zargon 40 Silver Arrow Zenorc's Fang 5 Rusty Arrow
  12. probably few days from now
  13. Brazil proxy wont do good, ive tested it. The only way we can do it is to change our Host to LA
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