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  1. Welcome to RSS and Good Luck!
  2. You can download the full client here https://rssboards.net/topic/64-rss-full-client-downloads/?do=getNewComment
  3. Changelogs Added New Costume Donation on our Donation Shop Added Magician Hat to Costume Conversion NPC Added Witched Starsand on Payon Tool Dealer NPC Enable Effect of Deluge, Violent Gale, Land Protector and Volcano when Effect Off mode. Reduce Full Plate[1] and Full Plate Drop on Laval Golem. Monster now drop FP[1] to 0.02% from 2% and FP[0] to 0.04% from 4%. (Thanks to all who reported) Donation Promotion - As requested by our community who supported our server all the way through! ^_^ For Every 10 Pods of Single Donation Transaction. Player will receive an Animated Costume Love Cheeks. For Every 20 Pods of Single Donation Transaction. Player will receive an Animated Costume Love Cheeks and Costume Sorcerer Hood. For Every 1 Pod donation = 100 Donation Points ( Promotion will start after this post) Top 5 Donators at the end of August will received 1x Costume Eremes Scarf and 1x Gym Pass Box. An NPC will be added for the rankings ( similar to MvP rankings and will be added later on. Ranking will be based on Donators In game Name that is used for claiming the Pods ) Current Trial WoE 2-2 Standings Impervious - 3pts Limit Breaker - 2pts Black List - 2pts 546 - 2pts Uprising Gods - 2pts Nuestra Familia - 1pt Collide - 1pt Finest - 1pt
  4. Alternative Jobs Are finally Here! As what we have discuss with the Guild Masters. We will have a trial WoE in preparation for the official WoE of 2-2. @restock will be enabled and only 1 Castle per WoE. Castle will be reset at the end of the WoE. We will also have a mini WoE event during this period. Similar to our 2-1 WoE event, we will have a point system. Based on the mechanics below. WoE Castle - 9-11pm Server Time Rothenburg - July 22 Bergel - July 25 Sacred Altar - July 29 Skoegul - August 1 Mechanics All Castle will have 100 Economy. Castle Holder will have 2 points at the end of the WoE Guild are not allowed to own castle for 2 consecutive time. Meaning if Guild "A" Holds the castle for the first WoE, owning the castle for the next woe will give them a penalty of -1 point, plus no points for that WoE. On their 3rd WoE, this will be the time they can hold a castle Again without penalty. +1 Point to every Guild Attendance. Must be a Guild not just random members who just participate during woe times. Top 2 Guilds based on our point system will battle it out for best of 5 GvG. In case there will be a TiE Breaker. They will still battle it out in a best of 3 GvG Event. @restock will be enabled on the GvG Event. GvG Event will be on August 2, Sunday 9pm Server Time. Side Events First and Last to Break the Castle will receive 1x Gym Pass Box. Trial GvG Champion Will Receive 10x Gym Pass Box 10,000x Witched Starsand 1000x Eir Box Runner Up will Receive 5x Gym Pass Box 5,000x Witched Starsand 500x Eir Box
  5. Mechanics Event will start on July 20, 2020 12pm Server time. Be sure to be a level 1 Novice and then register to Level Race NPC in training grounds before you proceed. Event will not end until we have all 5 winners of each 2-2 jobs. Only the first 5 winners of each job who posted here will be considered as winners. Prizes are Tradeable To qualify as one of the winners Comment the following IGN: Vy Low Job: Crusader Screen shot here
  6. Changelogs Please Patch your client Added New Donation Costumes Added Costume Blinking Eyes to Tier 2 Ymir Shop Added Costume Lord Kaho's orn to Tier 1 Ymir Shop Added Megaphone to Ymir Shop Implemented MvP Ranking Partially Implemented Episode 5 patch in preparation of Episode 5 this coming July 20. Added fluff to Happy Hour requirements Removed Single Cell to Happy Hour Requirements Costume Conversion NPC Updates Added Conversion Option of Majestic Goat to Costume: Large Baphomet Horn and Costume: Gigantic Majestic Goat Raccoon Hat to Costume Raccoon Hat Corsair to Costume Corsair Romantic Flower to Costume Romantic Flower Romantic Leaf to Costume Romantic Leaf Sphinx Hat to Costume Sphinx Hat Pipe to Costume Pipe Jewel Crown to Costume Jewel Crown Current WoE Standing Geffen Castle will be reset Tomorrow in preparation of Aldebaran Castle Black List - 2 Points Nuestra Famila - 2 Points 546 - 2 Points Uprising Gods - 2 Points Limit Breaker Dynasty - 2 Points I m p e r v i o u s - 1 Point Elyunium - 1 Point Finest - 0 Point Collide - 0 Point Calling all Guild Leader we will have a discord meeting after our WoE this saturday for the GvG Event this coming Sunday!
  7. Do you have what it takes to be the top MvP of Sarah Server. This is your chance to prove the you're one of the best! Every MvP Monster will have their respective points. You can use @mvprank to check the current MVP standing. Top 3 MvP every end of the month will get additional Rewards. Top 1 Costume Gusty Hunting Cap Gym Pass Box 1000x Ymir Coins Top 2 Gym Pass Box 500x Ymir Coins Top 3 Gym Pass Box 250x Ymir Coins MvP Point System 1038, 6, // Osiris 1039, 10, // Baphomet 1046, 4, // Doppelganger 1059, 8, // Mistress 1086, 2, // Golden Thief Bug 1087, 6, // Orc Hero 1112, 6, // Drake 1115, 2, // Eddga 1147, 4, // Maya 1150, 2, // Moonlight 1157, 4, // Pharaoh 1159, 2, // Phreeoni 1190, 6, // Orc Lord 1251, 10, // Knight of Windstorm 1252, 4, // Garm 1272, 10, // Dark Lord 1312, 8; // Turtle General Party members will also received poinst but only half the MvP points. VIP members will get 2x points. Available Commands @mvprank
  8. Our official WoE is finally here and we made a mini event for 2-1 that will last for 4 consecutive WoE with point System. Woe Schedule is Every Wed-Sat 9pm-11pm Server Time July 8 and 11 - Geffen City July 15 and 18 - Aldebaran City Hot Castle with 2 points, other castle will only have 1 point July 8 - Bergel July 11 - Rephrion July 15 - Hohen July 18 - Wuerzberg Mechanics All Castle will have 100 Economy Each castle will have a corresponding points. All Castle will have 1 point except for our Hot Agit. Guild who occupies 2 or more castle will have 0 points as well as -1 point on their current points. Top 4 Guild with the highest point will battle it out on July 19, 2020. It will be a best of 3 Match, 1vs4 and 2vs3 single elimination then best of 5 on our final round. A time limit of 15 minutes per round. Side Events First Player to break the Emperium of Bergel and Hohen will receive 1x Proof of Donation and 1x Gym Pass Box (only on the first woe for geffen and alde) Last Player to break the Emperium of Bergel and Hohen will receive 1x Proof of Donation and 1x Gym Pass Box (only on the first woe for geffen and alde) If a castle is only conquered 1 time and defended until the end of woe, the breaker will get both the first and last break prize. Server Champ Will receive 20,000x Witched Starsand 1000x Eir Box 20x Gym pass Box 1000x Ymir Coins Consolation Prize for the remaining 3 Guilds 10,000x Witched Starsand 500x Eir Box 10x Gym pass Box 500x Ymir Coins
  9. Patch Notes Enabled @dungeonwarp for gl_prison. Replace all Costume Donations with a New Set of Costumes. Black Cat Ears NPC is now available located at payon 30,131 Box Converter NPC is also now available at Payon. Megaphone is now Tradeable. Hunting Mission has now a fix set of monster. For Easy its 150 Monsters, Medium 125 Monster. and Hard 100 Monsters. Add Reach Level Program wherein you can earn Costume Exclusive to Streamers! MVP Ranking System will be implemented on July. Upcoming Events Job Showdown Trial War Of Emperium Last Party Standing Forums and Facebook Events Upgrade Event - Red Bunny Band ( Obtainable through Zeny Only ). Get A chance to win Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Ymir Costumes! Manual Patch https://cloud.rssrestart.com/s/i5HLmdlN8cbSBrB
  10. dont forget to post your stream link here to receive daily incentives
  11. Download our manual patch
  12. Mechanics Create a Party Max of 10 Players All Player must be in one Guild Only 1 Entry Guild Party with the fastest time to kill the all 3 MvP will be our BTA Champion. 10 Minutes Time Limit @restock will be disabled For consolation prize, Guild must kill all 3 MVPs to avoid troll players. Call Time is 8pm Server Time Each Members of BTA Champion will received Costume: Dragon Helm [ GOLD ] 1 Gym Pass Box 1k Reward Coupon 300 Ymir Coins Consolation 5x 100 Reward Points 100 Ymir Coins How to Join? Comment with the following Format Party Leader IGN: Vy Low Party Name: We Are Boss Hunters Guild: Exodus
  13. Patch Notes Added Headgear Traders to Costume. Here are the following headgear you can trade to costume. We will be adding more soon! Boy's Cap Sakkat Orc Helm Helm[1] Fin Helm Iron Cain Bone Helm Angel Helm Grand Circlet Crown Joker Jester Majestic Goat Elven Ears Angel Wing Spiky Band Apple of Archer Increased Monthly reward from Hunting Mission from 100, 50, 30 to 1000,500,300 On Going Events Facebook Like and Share Where's GM Drogo Cosplay Mania Streamer's Level Up Challenge Upcoming Events Boss Time Attack Last Party Standing MVP Monster Invasion Facebook and Forum Events Manual Patch! Download here https://cloud.rssrestart.com/s/TAiPxlwLESKxDxP
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