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  1. Greetings Adventurers !!! Ymir Coins is a special currency used in purchasing Rare Costumes as well as crafting a costume. You can get Ymir coins by Donating (200 Ymir Coins per POD) or by Participating in Happy Hour Event (Top 5 contributor will receive 100 Ymir Coins Each). 'Ymir Coins is tradeable'. To use your Ymir Coins in purchasing a Costume, You need to convert it first into Ymir Points. To do this, just talk to the Ymir Manager (Prontera 171, 125), and convert your Coins to Points or vice versa. *** If you wish to sell your Points, just simply talk to the Ymir Manager again and Exchange your Ymir Points to Ymir Coins*** Once you have enough Ymir Coins, you may check the Ymir Shop (Prontera 175, 125) and select from the options available. (As of now only Low Tier is available). To check your Ymir Points Balance, just type @reward ***NOTE: The difference between Ymir Coins/Points*** Ymir Coins: Physical Coin / Tradable / In your Inventory / Will not appear on you balance when you check @reward or @vip Ymir Points: This is the one that will show on your balance (when you check @reward and @vip), need to convert to Ymir Coins before trading. We have 3 tiers of Rare Costumes, Low, Mid, and High Tier. As of now, only Low Tier Costumes are available.
  2. Greetings Adventurers, Introducing Happy Hour feature in Sarah Server !!! Adelaide (Prontera 163, 124) will require a certain amount of an item for the Happy Hour. You may check the item required and number of required items remaining by selecting "- Check remaining items": Everyone may farm and contribute to trigger the Happy Hour. The happy hour will last for 6 hours (50% more Base Exp, Job Exp, and Drop rate). Once the happy hour has ended, Adelaide will ask for a new set of item. The top 5 contributors will be announced and will receive 100 Ymir Coins and 1x Reward Coupon 1000. The top 5 contributors may claim their rewards from Cynthia (Prontera 148, 125): To check the status of the server Happy Hour, just type @happyhour ***You may use the Ymir Coins to buy Costumes*** Happy Hunting. ROK ON!
  3. Sir pa update naman po ung donations ko 


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    2. GM Ned Stark

      GM Ned Stark

      Naprocess na sir. kindly look for Torsen at Alberta Town. 🙂


    3. GM Ned Stark

      GM Ned Stark

      Pag spawn mo alberta. lakad ka pakanan. 

    4. Boss Jon

      Boss Jon

      Thanks sir

  4. Unable to Click Anything Outside the Game. FIX: Press right click anywhere outside the game to fix the issue. ROK ON!
  5. Unable to Click "PLAY NOW" Button / Client not Updating /Patch Stuck Up FIX: 1) Go to your RSS Restart folder and delete RSS.dat file. 3) Run the game again and, it should now start downloading the patch. ROK ON!
  6. Visual Issues (Black Dots on Maps and Pixelated Emoticons) FIX: 1) Press Control + Alt + Delete on your Keyboard. 2) Press Cancel from the system control menu. 3) Go back to the game and this will be the outcome: ROK ON!
  7. Greetings Adventurers! Share your selfie while playing RSS - Sakray Server and win 5 Eir Box plus 300 points worth of Reward Coupon. Mechanics: 1) Take a selfie while playing RSS (Sakray Server). 2) Make sure the background is clear for validation if the server is RSS Sakray. 3) Post your selfie in this thread and provide your IGN. 3) Selfie event runs until May 1. All valid entries will receive 5 pcs Eir Box and 300 worth of Reward Coupon. You may redeem your prizes on May 6 (opening of the Training Ground). ROK ON!
  8. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: Do we have a date for the server launch? A: Our OBT will start on May 9, 2020 GMT+8. OBT will last for a week. During this time, expect some emergency maintenance as needed. Also there won't be any wipe during our OBT phase. Training Ground will be open on May 6, 12 noon so players can start redeeming their rewards as well as start earning rewards points. Q: Is this available on Mobile? A: Yes, this will be available on mobile platform (iOS and Android). For now, we are still waiting for the mobile platform development. We will provide an update once available. Q: Do we have a Discord Server? A: https://discord.gg/92fHzBn Q: I cannot see the channels in Discord. A: Please read our rules and guidelines on #rules channel and follow the instruction provided. Q: Is this a Classic Server? A: Yes, Retro Classic. Q: Can we edit the GRF for big cards, pixel maps, etc? A: No, GRF file is locked and not available for editing. Q: Are you going to put ESB/FMB/BBG/Insurance in the Cash shop? A: No, we will not include those items in the Cash shop. Q: What are the perks of getting VIP? A: Please visit this article to learn more about VIP System: Q: How to donate? A: You may refer to this article on how to Donate: Q: How does the hourly rewards works? A: Please check article below for Reward System mechanics: Q: How can I use my reward points? A: Just go to any major town and look for the Reward Shop NPC. Q: I've heard that there are free supplies for PVP. How can I get them? A: To utilize the Restock system, type @restock (Make sure your are outside PVP Waiting room/PVP Area). Set the number of items you need, then save. Activate the restock system, and once activated and you enter PVP room, you will automatically get the supplies that you set. (Make sure to consider your equipment/item weight in your inventory/equipped items). Q: Can I use the supplies from @restock in War Of Emperium? A: No, restock feature is only for PVP and the items will disappear once you leave the PVP Room. Q: What is @dungeonwarp? A: @dungeonwarp is a server feature where you can be teleported to Glast Heim Underground Prison (You need to pay 20 Reward points to avail this feature). NOTE: @dungeonwarp can only be used in Payon and Prontera. Q: What is @guildhall feature and how can I use it? A: Guild hall is a private place for Guilds and is useful during WOE time since it contains important NPCs located in a single area (Repair NPC/Tool Dealer/Kafra ETC). To utilize this feature, your Guild GM should register the Guild to the Guild Hall Receptionist located at the North part of Prontera (Guild level should be level 10 and above). To enter the guild hall, just type @guildhall and type @leaveguildhall to exit. Q: Can we launch 2 game client in a single PC? A: No, dual login will be detected by Gepard and will prevent you to open 2 game client in a single PC (Even if you use a virtual OS, Gepard still detects it). Q: RSS Website says "This site can't be reach". Is the website down? A: You may try clearing cache and cookies in your browser by going to settings, then try to check the website again. Q: I am unable to double click ingame. A: Please check this article on how to fix the issue: Q: I am seeing dots in the screen and the emoticons are not showing properly. A: Press Control + Alt + Delete. Once the system control menu comes up, just click Cancel. Q: I am unable to click anything outside the game. A: Right click anywhere outside the game to fix the issue. Q: My game patcher is stuck and I cannot click the Play button. A: Go to RSS Folder and delete RSS.Dat file. Run the launcher, the patcher should update again and will fix the issue.
  9. Swordsman Job Quest You must be Novice Job level 10 to start the quest. Go inside the building located at the West part of Izlude. Talk to Swordman to sign up for the quest. Talk to another Swordman (at the left side of the screen) to enter the next room. Talk to the Test Hall Staff to move to the quest room. You must complete the obstacle course within 7 minutes to pass the test. There are three parts in this test. Just walk until you reach the end of the path and be careful not to fall at the edges. If you fall, just look for the portal, it will warp you back and need to start over. Once you completed the task, talk to the Swordman (the first Swordman where you registered for the quest) and he will turn you into a Swordsman.
  10. Archer Job Quest You must be Novice Job level 10 to start the quest. Go to Archer Village and head to the house located at North East of the map. (1 Map North from Payon) Go inside and talk to Archer Guildsman. She will ask you to collect trunks from Willows. There are 4 types of trunks and have different points each. You need to collect at least 25 points to pass: INGREDIENT/s: PRODUCT/s Fine Grained Trunk 5 Points Solki Trunk 3 Points Barren Trunk 2 Points Trunks 1 Point Once you have enough Trunk/s with total of 25 points or more, report back to Archer Guildsman to change your job.
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