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  1. Gatsu

    Kafra pass / Gym pass

    I'm kinda against this, i know it may be "annoying to being overweight or out of supplies. But it was part of Ragnarok. STR stats was important for Weight, being abble to manage your weight was/it's part of the gameplay/teamplay. Restocking during woe important is also a way to make defense less harder to break. I will be eventually fine for "Gym pass" acces untill level 3~ Max. And overall against Kafra card (and even more on WOE)
  2. Gatsu

    Expanding the range of leveling spot

    +1 On most of the idea on the topic Also, if i agree we need to reduce "annoying mobs" on most of the maps, we should never totally removed then but only reduce their numbers
  3. Gatsu

    Rework Refine system

    Hello guys, their is my suggestion that i gave on discord, but for a more viewing potential i'm sharing it there : First, on official we have this current refines system : https://imgur.com/a/XMHBbGg The current Sarah system : (First number = normal Elu/Ori, second number = Enriched Elunium/Ori, example 67% > 100%: 67% =Elunium / 100% =Enriched Elunium) https://imgur.com/a/QnDJZig My fixed suggestion for Sarah : https://imgur.com/a/kbLuagc My suggestion is trying to fix few thing : - It was to hard to refine low level weapons compare to High level weapons; now it's balanced (Why it would be the same difficulty to make a +4 level 1 weapons compared to +4 level 4 weapons when it's far worst in terms of benefits from refines) - Their was a number for the +7 Level 3 weapon wrong ? Not sure why, but i have fixed it. - The balance between Normal Elu/Ori and Enriched seems better now then before
  4. Gatsu

    5% Exp Death Penalty

    I agree, that's the 5% is unfair I understand the VIP system, but 5% death penality it's just way to much.
  5. Gatsu

    MVP variance times

    Can we change the MVP Variance into modern ? a 10 min variance is fine, actually 60-180 Min is just so random. I don't care about tomb stone (i'm fine with or without) but big Variance time being big is poor game design from 2002.
  6. Gatsu

    Server Information

    Also what's "custom drops" ? Also your 5% death penality isn't really really not F2P friendly. VIP already have huge buff on exp drop (50% is huge ...) on top of costume exp buff ? I think a standard 1% death penality is enough, why make it so big on a rates 1.5 server ?
  7. Gatsu

    Server Information

    Critical Rate: 140% Critical Damage: Fixed Maximum Damage Would you explain it ? What's it's mean ?
  8. Gatsu

    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    Yeah i agree the 5 SP Re use is literally bad on 2 main point : - First, being unable to do anything for 5 seconde is literally a garbage game design, it's literally make you "waiting and doing Nothing" > That's a terrible design from Renewal/revo classic shit. - Second, Ragnarok is pretty balanced naturally, Yes SP usable use to be rare, and asura was design around this. But it's also the same with HP potion. Back in the days, on really early woe people were using 100-200 fat white potion during woe's and then everyone started to use supplies, and supplies never have been a issue for annyones compétitive (bots, hardcore farming guilds, Selling MVP stuff and buy supplies in markets etc ...) I can understand the logic behind your choices, but the way you doing is bad. Monk have natural "cooldown" on Asura Strike (Sphere x5 Furry Sphere x5). They also need a balanced build arround those mechanics in Pre-RE (They need dex for cast time, STR/Int for damage, and vit for stun/curse resistance). I think that's enough "balance". But eventually if you think its still "to strong, to easy to spam" i would suggest you to slightly increase cast time for "Call Spirit"/"Summon spirit sphere") from 1sec to 1.25 sec. That way you will increase the balance choice between Dex and other stats (DMG or Resistance one) but please do not implant "you can skill/sp and just walk back like a trash and wait 5seconde"