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  1. fatechan

    Server Information

    Any news on when the server will go online?
  2. fatechan

    Question regarding MVP Cards / GL Items

    That sounds like a good compromise.
  3. I haven't found a stance regarding this anywhere and I wanted to know how MVP Cards and GL Items will be treated. Is everything going to be fair game or is this another one of these "let's just remove or block all the powerful items from the game or else people are gonna cry and bitch about it" servers? Sorry if I come off as harsh but I have seen so many P-Servers do this and I'm rather tired of it. Ragnarök Online was created with these op items in mind and removing them just kills the classic experience for me. I wouldn't even mind if some of those items are nerfed for WoE but at least keep them in the game and don't just outright remove them T_T