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  1. Ewol

    Skill Changes

    Regarding: https://rssboards.net/topic/13-skill-modifications/ I wanted to discuss a few things. I'm only going to discuss the changes I dislike or if there was no change. Crusader - GrandCross I'm going to suggest making grandcross like it originally was. Making it so it always hits 3 times regardless of how many monsters are on the tile. Meteor Storm - Does not cause the stun effect. I dislike this change. What's the purpose? To make it harder to defend castles? Dispell - Requires 1 Red Gemstone and 1 Yellow Gemstone to use. Pointless change. Just makes it more of a grind to farm gems. Will only hurt small guilds. Arrow Shower - Requires a target and cannot be cast on the ground. Based on ASPD like Double Strafe. What is the reasoning for requiring a target? Making it harder to stack traps? Making it more difficult to slide traps under people in PvP? Feels like an unnecessary change to me. Adrenaline Rush - Duration is 1/5th the amount of time for party members. (and the other time based changes) Also questioning the reasoning on this. Blacksmiths are already a pretty useless class and lowering buff time makes them all the more useless. Double Attack - No HIT bonus. Thief is already in a tight spot, why remove the small hit buff? Asura Strike - has a 5 seconds sp reuse cooldown This is better than the 10 second revo classic change, but I would suggest just making it a skill cooldown, but I don't particularly care either way. -- That's all I can think of right now.