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  1. Here is a sample of what big card looks like. It is purely a cosmetic change and in no way affects the drop rates of cards or the mechanics of the game in any way. If we could make a card sprite that had the RSS logo on it, that would be pretty cool actually. Other scientifically proven facts about big card. How you feel when a normal card drops off a mob: How you feel when big card drops off a mob:
  2. Dwops

    Idea for god items

    From what I understand, there won't be any god items like megingjard on this server for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are that they are over powered for woe and also many pservers don't want to open all the forts in the game because we can all agree there are just too many to sustain a quality woe environment. I think everyone can agree that IF there were god items, they should be disabled in woe forts. However, having them in the open world/pve and the journey a guild goes through to acquire these god items is a ton of fun. If we did have god items in game, the question would be, "where should the pieces drop from?". Again, I think the pieces dropping from loot boxes in woe forts is a dumb idea because then guilds would just emphasize econing forts and not fighting in woe. Woe would become a portal casting fest and be shitty. Because of this I would like to suggest something like, god item pieces have a low chance to drop from boss monsters. This would drastically increase competition for boss monsters and promote more people to play the game who would normally only log in for woe or just afk for points. It also serves as a way to get entire guilds involved in efforts to get their guild a god item. This along with the pushing of the seals quests and unlocking a chance to make a god item add a lot of content to the game. We shouldn't completely remove that aspect of the game. I believe this change will go a long way in helping this server stay more active and populated for an extended server life.
  3. Dwops

    MVP variance times

    The logic of having a 30 minute or more variance is flawed. You don't want to put in 10 minute variance because you are worried people will control boss monsters (Which I understand). If this is the case then put in tombstones. Tombstones would also create a lot of fun and competition for boss monsters. Especially since you added incentive to them with the reward coupons that can drop. If you don't want to put in tombstones then you really don't mind people controlling boss respawns. A 30 minute or more variance just means people will be sitting around on a map doing nothing for long periods of time. This is not quality or enjoyable game play.