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    Show No Mercy

    SHOW NO MERCY Recruiting GvG / WoE Oriented Players Main Language: Tagalog (mainly) / English Guild Spot: Left Prontera ( prontera 37, 207 ) Requirements: BASIC COURTESY. Be friendly, polite and respectful to everyone (even non-guild mates) Let’s not make the game stressful to other players. OPEN-MINDEDNESS AND ABILITY TO LISTEN. Willing to learn and open for correction. MUST BE ABLE TO INTERACT WITH OTHERS. Remain as active as you can. We don't see the point of a soloist joining a group. TEAM SPEAK IS A MUST!!!. Be active on our Team Speak channel whenever you're in-game or just wanna chill out with your co-guild members coz this is where all the action happens. TS server link will be provided once you got accepted. ( microphone during WoE is only optional ) LEGIT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. Basically, NO DUMMIES. Having an active member of SNM that will vouch for you is an edge. We have a Facebook group where people get the option to access but that's totally optional. Interested players will undergo training and WOE participation with CORE Members once the WoE started. APPLY HERE - ( https://snm-guild.shivtr.com/users/sign_up) See y'all in game! NOTE: We reserve the right to reject players if we see that the person won't fit into the guild environment. GUILD MONTAGE