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  1. ch0okiez

    RSS Weekend Scavenger Hunt

    add argiopes
  2. ch0okiez

    Saturday Night Ragnarok - Boss Time Attack

    Party Leader IGN: GlimpZ Party Name: LootLikeABoss Members 1: Kram Nad Members 2: Savant Members 3: ForMotherRussia Members 4: Anakhin Members 5: EreN Members 6: Bogapire
  3. ch0okiez

    daily reset bbg/fm in reward

    Please put a proper reset in purchasing fm/bbg in reward shop. since you have ingame time this should no hassle. You can put it like every 00:00-23:59 or 00:01-24:00 daily so that each player will have a proper daily purchase of the following item.
  4. ch0okiez

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN: GlimpZ #RSSRestart #RSS#RokON #RSSelfie Selfie on na comment block sa FB.