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  1. And now u transfer the server to singapore again? cuz i wake up today and can't play.... FULL DELAY again... The server is only for pinoy again... Sarah server is International or Pinoy server ?? GG for SA players
  2. How long will it take? I have friends waiting to enter and others wanting to leave because of the delay ..... plz Make Sarah Great again!
  3. Don't need change for Marine sphere!! it's all good ^^ But Frost nova sucks in this server
  4. Boa Narina!!! Vamos torcer pra dar certo!!
  5. Boaaaaaaaaa Forseti!!! Precisando tbm estou ai! Nick: Cavalcanti Priest Cafezão!!
  6. Sarah server is a great server of Ragnarok Online for us Brazilians since the first Sarah server! Plz make it possible! We have a HUGE delay, but still playing... Thanks !!
  7. Please Create a South America Proxy... The best players all players from here... thx
  8. Infelizmente o Delay é alto d+ e o noping não da suporte pra essa merda, estou tentando o Exit lag e tb n to conseguindo sucesso
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