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  1. Blaise

    Automatically autoloot cards

    +1 if card sprites are not allowed to be changed to larger one's at least a global announcement or pop-overhead-chat "[Player Name] has just found [Raydric Card] at 0.02% chance" would show up.
  2. Blaise

    Lower flywing weight to 1

    -1 then creamy card won't be as valuable as it has always been on a grindy lowrate server.
  3. Blaise


    sounds like a rip-off of sorinRO's feature and it will only trigger toxicity towards other players more when grinding exp so -1.
  4. Blaise

    Make party bonus per player (not 5 or 10 players)

    +1 never had to play in a server this party-oriented for quite a while, I enjoy both the company and chatting with other players, adding % EXP for each member would be great so people don't have to look for a specific number of members to join. Also kicking someone who is afk won't be too much of an issue losing % specific EXP gained for X amount of players in a party.
  5. Blaise

    Increase card rate from .01 to .02

    +1 0.02 will help me retain my sanity from hunting cards
  6. Blaise

    Expanding the range of leveling spot

    Suggesting Total removal of Arclouse in gl_dun01 stalactic golems 100 ambernite 40 alde_dun02 35 brilights 40 drainliar 70 high orc 35 orc archer in_sphinx4 40 Medusa (instant spawn) 1 Evil Druid 40 Marduk 4 Mimic 45 Minorous 15 Sidewinder iz_dun03 40 Marc 50 Obeaune 10 Hydra 20 Marine Sphere 30 Marse 45 Phen 70 Swordfish 3 Merman gef_dun02 20 Argos Remove Bathory & Myst 20 Jakk (With Spawn Timer 3-5min) 30 Marionette (Instant) 40 Nightmare (Instant) 20 Whisper 15 White Plant (3-5min)
  7. Blaise

    Expanding the range of leveling spot

    +1 limited maps means limited options anyway, I don't see any harm adding customizations to 1 or 2 maps so players won't get too congested in common leveling area's (GH underprison,Alde CT, stings,magma dungeon,etc.)