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  1. Rather than making the card sprite bigger it should be possible to set a command that will alert you in chat if a rare item drops. I've seen this on other server so for example you do like @lootalert 1 and anything that is a 1% or lower drop will put a message in your chat box and at the top of your screen. This way you don't need to change sprites and its a completely optional @command.
  2. baz

    Arrow Crafting nerf?

    its not nerfed it just pre-buff. I don't see the harm in making the small stones 150 and the bigger stones 500 arrows however.
  3. baz

    RSS Restart - Race Event

    Will people get the facebook event 10% exp wings and hat / bms / eir boxes with sp items be handed out before the race begins? Kind of a big advantage
  4. baz

    Server Launch time

    I would propose these times as fair for the most people while also letting people play for as much as possible during the weekend before monday and people have to go to work. 3pm PST friday / 6pm EST friday / 11pm GMT friday / 6am PH saturday 4pm PST friday / 7pm EST friday / 12am GMT saturday / 7am PH saturday Also could do: 6am PST saturday / 9am EST saturday / 2pm GMT saturday / 9pm PH saturday. 7am PST saturday / 10am EST saturday / 3pm GMT saturday / 10pm PH satruday. You can pick multiple times if they all suit you
  5. baz

    RSS Restart - Race Event

    What time will the server launch into OBT? kinda of important for a race.
  6. baz

    Idea for god items

    I would say that each mvp would be in a tier and the tier decides which box of god piece that it drops. So there would be 4 different boxes which all give a random piece when opened. From the mvps that would be out at the start and the ones added later in 2-2 and amatsu ect I would suggest something like this Spoils of Megingjard: ------ Lord of Death Baphomet Turtle General Osiris Pharaoh Spoils of Mjolnir: ------ Incarnation Samurai Orc Lord Orc Hero Doppleganger Dark Lord Spoils of Brisingamen: ------ Misstress Stormy Knight Maya Evil Snake Lord Drake Spoils of Sleipnir: ------ Golden Thief Bug Eddga Moonlight Flower Phreeoni Dracula Garm So from day 1 you have 4 meg 4 hammer 4 bris and 5 slep bosses with 1 more added to each tier as the mvps come out.
  7. baz

    Teleport on MVP/Mini Boss Maps

    4.0 already has a limited map pool, removing 10 or so maps seems like a bad idea. Even if they are not the best leveling they are still an option for leveling If the best maps are over populated and some of the maps you can actually make some zeny.
  8. baz

    MVP variance times

    if it was possible to implement i'd even say have like a notice board in the centre of pront with the tombstones times then you'll really see some big comp.
  9. baz

    WoE Forts / Loot

    how many forts?
  10. baz

    WoE Forts / Loot

    How many forts per realm will there be? And what loot table will forts use? Is there much incentive to hold a fort?
  11. baz

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    ign: bazz https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010803633821
  12. baz

    MVP variance times

    30 mins or less variance would be sweet