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  1. babybeel88

    Guild Package

    IGN: Sowon Guild: Impel Down Okay so basically you are telling us that everyone on our guild should be online to get the guild package ?. Well let me tell you GM that I'm pretty sure that all of our members are not living on the same time zone. Like how I experience when the time I am most active and the majority of my guild mates are off coz they are sleeping. Why don't you just ask the guild masters to list down all of their active member while the event is on? In that way even if you put on an NPC it will not mistaken a newly recruit member to those who are already a member of the guild when the event is ongoing, I've been playing on this server when it was first launch and I'm telling you I have been supporting and donating on this server ever since. I felt pretty bad when the server go down coz I felt that my dedication and support for the server has been set aside. When this server go down I go back to IRO and play on the server ForsakenRO. And let me tell you ForsakenRO is the best server I had play on. No wipes, stable, the community is really good and the GM are all active. Like for example when you have discover a bug or have a minor problem ? just message the GM, wait for 1 or 2 minute then your problem will be solve. The community and administrators are active 24/7. But when I heard that this server will be active again I can't stop myself getting hype. At last my most beloved server after IRO will be on again. Before I donate on a server I first make sure the community is good, the atmosphere while playing is nice and most important the GM are active. But from what I see eversince I start playing on this server again it is not what I'm hoping for. Half of the members online are all juts leeching for points, only 2-4 guilds are active on WOE, report a problem and you will get an answer after 3 days, dual account, asshole community etc. #letsmakeRSSgreatagain
  2. babybeel88

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    #RSSRestart IGN : Sowon