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  1. Aszura

    Ranked elemental weapons

    The problem is that people would take advantage of this to forge weapons they won't use and instead of just sell themselves, nullifying the time and effort I took into making this character. Unless it benefits me in some way (VVS crafting) I most likely won't do any free crafting. 350k is already considerably cheaper than the markup forgers are using on current weapons.
  2. Aszura

    Ranked elemental weapons

    Will be selling ranked elemental weapons and taking requests for them here. If you provide the mats I can craft for you and only charge you on success - 350k for level 3 weapons, 200k for level 2 weapons and 100k for level 1 weapons. If you wish to have a VVS crafted and supply the mats I will do it for you free of charge. VVS elemental weapons are significantly more expensive than non VVS elemental weapons so any that I'm selling will be fairly priced and will have no discount. You can pm me in game on Aszura or DemiGod for information.
  3. Aszura

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    IGN: Aszura Facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/rene.reinhart.792