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  1. Alaz

    Rogue BackStab skills

    @GM Vy Low , Pls?
  2. Alaz

    Rogue BackStab skills

    @Gm Vy Low, Pls. Fix the skill BackStab You said earlier in skill modification that it has no 50% atk penalty using Bow. Can you pls. check if its already modified in 100% no penalty using bow . Thank very much...☺ I love RSS❤❤❤
  3. @GM Vy Low Sir any freebies for 1st monthsary? Hehheh Costumes Tnx. 》_《
  4. Alaz

    Sidewinder card Discussion

    Does double attack in Sidewinder card enable in bow thief type or rouge? Thanks... GM Vy Low? Please.. need confirmation . Thank You