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  1. Acu

    Punishment for using Macro

    if you punish players from a woe guild too severely they will quit, especially considering this is a low rate this could be devastating
  2. Acu

    too weak

    Can we come up with a way to make Assassins relevant in a 2-2 WoE meta? Let's start by talking about what role we want them to have. The Problem Assassins do not have a role in 2-2 WoE unless it involves breaking an Emperium, and even then, a Knight is often preferable due to survivability and their ability to contribute in GvG. Why sacrifice a roster spot for an Assassin? The Role They Need Right now the meta is heavily revolved around 3 things. Trappers, Knights, and Monks. All three of these are a hard counter to Assassins. Assassins need a way to keep some of these 3 classes honest. How I Think We Get There They need a damage increase that will put them close to one shotting a Monk with Sonic Blow (I'd say about 90% of their HP without Lex). This will be a soft counter to Monks, as Monks will need to be more respectful when they try to fish for a kill across No Man's Land. For example, if they take too much damage, they open themselves up for Sonic Blow to finish them. They also open themselves up to getting Lex Aterna and Sonic Blow. For Knights, their only threat is Monks. They do not have little else to worry about. Not just because their massive HP, but because they can too easily pot back up to full HP even if they fall to 500 HP after getting Asura. If you give Assassins the ability to apply Critical Wounds status effect via Enchant Poison, you force Knights to decide on wearing ED vs alternative. If the Knight wears ED, they do not have to worry about critical wounds, but instead open themselves up to Aspersio Lex Sonic Blow. This would be an interesting counter play I think, while still respecting the current GvG meta.
  3. Acu

    too weak

    How much?
  4. Acu

    too weak

    Buffed Critical Damage: 140% and has a fixed Maximum Damage Nerfed Sight - Area of Effect is 9x9 cells. Ruwach - Area of Effect is 7x7 cells. Grimtooth - Forced Neutral. 100% damage at all levels. Decreases movement speed of targets (less scattering). Affected by arrows. Thoughts Seems to make them weaker in PvP and WoE, no? Especially when 2:2 comes out. I recommend further buffing them in some way, because even without the nerfs they are a very unpopular class in PvP and WoE.
  5. Acu

    Counter to Potion Spam

    1. enchant poison causes auto attacks to apply a 5 second debuff which causes negative healing equal to the damage dealt. this effect stacks. ie: you crit someone for 350 damage, this causes them to have a debuff which consumes the next 350 in healing received for 5 seconds since you hit them last. if someone hits you 5 times for 350 damage, this causes the healing deficit to be 1,750 since you hit them last. 2. power thrust (self only) causes your attacks to apply critical wounds debuff. these changes affect pvp/woe only, so the pvm crowd should be unaffected. smith/sin have been ignored for years and a change like this can bring them back into the fold without completely changing the current meta. it would actually add to it, as it gives alternatives to the knights vs monks fight, making rosters more diverse. if you're worried about evil druid blocking enchant poison, you can swap the critical wounds thing with healing deficit on sins/smith's, or do something like buff TU enough to almost 1 shot knights.
  6. Acu


    I'll be playing not as much as I used to due to work/irl, but I do plan on gearing up for WoE. Looking to have some fun and compete at a high level. Here are some of my old WoE vids https://www.youtube.com/user/acuwrex/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd I speak English only but I'm open to joining other guilds that speak primarily a different language. No English no problem. Leaning towards making a Monk but I'll honestly play anything. Most people in the past have preferred me on Monk/Knight. Discord is Acuwrex #5732