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  1. With 2-2 and WoE coming next month in December what guilds will be WoEing? If there's enough other guilds I can get not even trying motivated/prepared to WoE with 30-40+ players. However, I don't want to waste our time if there's not 3+ other big guilds. ECA? ARR? Daedalus? 433? HG?
  2. Aaron

    Saturday Night Ragnarok - Boss Time Attack

    Party Leader IGN: vry pwrful Party Name: TEAM USA Members 1: DemiGod Members 2: Stewie2k Members 3: 0dmg Members 4: Richard Members 5: Tavern Members 6: Bazz
  3. Aaron

    When do you want 2-2?

    I think it's quite clear almost everyone wants 2-2 to come sooner, I haven't talked to anyone that wants to wait for 2-2. I believe 2-2 release with good promotion/hype could give the server a big population boost. 2-2 Can be released with a 2~ week exp/drops event to help all the new players catch up as well (non vip 4/4/3 / vip 4.5/4.5/3.5) *RELEASE WOE 3-4 WEEKS AFTER 2-2 COMES OUT?
  4. Aaron

    Patch music too loud

    people been saying this for 3 weeks
  5. Aaron

    Hourly Reward REWORK

    I think the grace period should be at least 120 seconds. 30-60 is too short
  6. Aaron

    All Rights Reverse

    good luck
  7. Aaron

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN: vry pwrful
  8. Aaron

    Rates / Weekend rates

    No need to increase drops during the weekend. The weekend should be used to promote increased EXP for lvling. If drops are increased to then it's literally better to do anything during the weekend. If drops stay the same on weekend and during the week then it doesn't feel bad hunting during the week knowing there aren't higher drop rates during another time. tl;dr having drops and exp increased during the weekend discourages people to play during the week This is all similar to what we have currently. NON VIP (WEEKEND RATES) : 2x EXP (3x EXP) 2x JOB EXP (3x JOB EXP) 2x DROPS (2x DROPS) VIP (WEEKEND RATES) : 2.5x EXP (3.75x EXP) 2.5x JOB EXP (3.75x JOB EXP) 2.5x DROPS (2.5x DROPS) *WEEKEND INCREASE = 50% MORE EXP/JOB EXP **DROPS = everything, including cards and mvp (MVP/Mini boss cards always stay .01)
  9. Aaron

    VOTING incentive

    As one of the first 99's and leader of one of the biggest guilds I'd consider myself one of the most dedicated players on the server. HOWEVER, even I have only voted 30% of the days since the server opened. There's simply not much incentive. 10 points per vote?? Voting should give at least 50 reward points per vote.
  10. Aaron

    Reduce non-VIP death penalty

    *I will always have VIP on this server Not much to say about this. 5% is ridiculous. Reducing this to 2% would be fair, 2% at 95+ is tons of EXP.
  11. Aaron

    Fix MVP issues

    As of now MVPing is not rewarding, efficient, or profitable. As of now people are mvping just because it's something to do, there's virtually no competition or incentive. MVP loot currently has a lower drop rate than anything else in the game, and the variance is 60-180 minutes on all mvps. 1. Make MVP loot 2x drop rate (as it should be since everything else is now, including cards) > most mvps don't even drop anything very valuable + EITHER OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS: 1. Reduce MVP variance to 10 minutes (MVP spawns 120-130 minutes after it dies) OPTIONAL - Add tombstones if you want anyone to be able to easily find the MVP times and have more competition at mvps 2. Add convex mirrors to reward shop and ROK shop
  12. Aaron

    Hourly Reward REWORK

    CURRENT REWARDS: 1st hour 10 points ( Vip 15 points ) 2nd hour 20 points ( Vip 30 points ) 3rd hour 30 points ( Vip 45 points ) 4th hour 40 points ( Vip 60 points ) 5th hour 50 points ( Vip 75 points ) 6th hour 60 points ( Vip 90 points ) 7th hour 70 points ( Vip 105 points ) 8th hour 80 points ( Vip 120 points ) TOTAL 8 HOUR CYCLE = 360 (540 with VIP) 45 per hour / 67.5 per hour SUGGESTED REWARDS: EVERY HOUR = 45 REWARD POINTS (65 points with VIP) TOTAL 8 HOUR CYCLE = 360 (520 with VIP) The current/old reward point system ONLY BENEFITS AFK CHARACTERS. Players that are actively playing are crashing every couple hours or end up logging out briefly for various reasons such as using their merchant to buy/sell something.
  13. Aaron


    +1 OBT had no shake and it felt much better