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  1. why you even post here lol? its has 0 benifice your post o.o,i mean for some peoples its importan to be good ad woe for other they just want to have fun,what im trying to say how you tjudge me when its importan to me lol?we all are different persons so your comment is just....
  2. its was always like this like proverbs say the first one who get max exp ad lvl 99 will be place one ,not the first one who was bard will be place one when he is 99 with full exp if you look on the other top 20 of all players/ or only for class like hunter assasin etc once they had max exp. there rank never changed.
  3. yea i said this to ro je too, he said im wrong its the time we play zeny and "items" xD we have. and i was first bard with 99.999.998 and job 2,083,386 since 2 days i did it, and today i just changed to place 2 and i dont understand the world how this happend. https://sarahserver.net/?module=ranking&action=character&jobclass=19
  4. my questions is the following we have on control panel a ranked system ( i mean not bs o alchi) i mean like dancer bard monk knight hunter etc rank 1-20 Ro je said the following ,the ranked depends on: zeny time you play items so how the game calculate the items into the rank oO???? so how its works???
  5. close close close funny post
  6. the server support ks(on party maps) this is really sad... we have a server with more than 3000 active peoples and no police gms,on any server i played before that was just not allowed(party has a own spot other party try to over take the spot ) and its even legal,of euro for example nobody did it cause peoples got jailed for try to do this. if you level up alone its take 10x more time than in party,and in party its just a war,all partys try to over take good spots just because its allowed. the only thing you do is to support, that peoples not enjoy , starting to hate other players from other partys in that doungen where is allowed to ks. even when i talked yesterday to mister Ro Je saying him dont you think its rude to over take spots and make feel bad other players by getting there spot? i got this answer:dont you think its support "competition" i mean this is internacional sever,i know most peoples are pinoys,and only pinoys think that way "competition",that has nothing to do with it if lvl 70+ party lost their spot cause lvl 90+ party wanted to get the spot and now they get no more exp. i know mostly the staff is pinoy like you are strider ,but if you praise this server as internacional server,than pls act like one not like pinoy closed mind "competition". chnage rules and make level up more friendly its an mmorpg where you can chill,but if i level up on those level spots,its feel more than death match on call of duty.
  7. y friend of mine was from lvl 70 to 94 marc card hunting after 3 weeks he got one,in the whole time he never played in party, so he got all lvls only from marcs, he even safe all standart loot on storage from "marc" he got about 16.000 grill thats truely bad luck :P
  8. Bump
  9. i thought with "po" and "pa" i already speak philipine o.O
  10. mister strider got the informacion from "Indonesia RO" just look on the link post link from euro iro o kro and i stop talking ;) but not from Indonesia Ro o toxic Pro
  11. its true that gym pass is pretty op for hunter and wizzards,but to get 150 arrows it isent,its the decicion by your self if you want to farm fast but spend alot of mooney,but actually the decicion is really easy dont use element arrows its way to expensive. wind of verdure :5000zeny 50 arrows// Each arrow 100zeny only a retard would use it to farm. Would we get 150 arrows we would pay 33.3zeny for each arrow still high cost and only a few peoples would use it to hunt (the once who can pay it). but to be serious i like this server you did well work, but somtimes im getting litarally sick by to much pinoy logic decicions. to implement gms/and in future alchi stuff etc is never ever part of low rate or classic,to hunt those stuff was always a part of "Ro Classic",but this is changing week after week to be less a classic server When i startet here on server i could live with stuff like gym pass etc,who is actually Op for some classes,server was giving me still the feeling of old day ragnarok,but if you keep implement "bull shit changes" you gonna steal me the feeling,for what im looking on this server !!!!!!!
  12. i suggest "quest" boxes where do you can buy one box with has all items do you need for any quest, of course there are different boxes! 2.battle ground with all those items on the bg reward npcs. 3.reset npc for skills states now serious if this keep up ,this will be not anymore low rate server,i can understand GJ and low hp potions on shop but gems,and future alchi items is just a brainless decicion.(do we keep being a low rate server or not?
  13. low rate server with free gamestones and maybe foture free alche items /swt,thats not low rate
  14. pretty nice idea
  15. hah haahahah "1" posts