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  1. That requires WoE as well. No thanks.
  2. Thank you. I'll try this one out. That requires WoE. I don't want WoE.
  3. Been trying to look for English speaking players but I've had real tough luck finding anyone these past couple months. I'd like a casual guild if possible.
  4. Hello there. I just joined the game the other day and I'm liking the nostalgic appeal to it. And my God it's crazy how this game's got such a big community after only being open for a few months. How exactly did that happen? Was it because of pRO closing? Anyways, a little bit about my RO history: My RO history's very much similar to most of yours; I play RO, get bored, get back in, rinse repeat. I mainly played casual, though, since I'm not a big fan of War of AutoPot nowadays. I recently made a level 30 Thief and want to play Assassin. That's because I never bother with them and always wanted to, so here I am. normally i main battlesmith, But to be honest with you, I've grown real tired of Blacksmith along with Priest and Crusader. In real life, I'm as boring as I sound in RO. I work, lift(ed), and practice meditation. I've also been playing Overwatch since the release of the game. Real fun game. Hopefully I can find some other English players. So far I've been having a real bad time finding any except for one Mage! If you want to talk, just send me a whisper on Mister Pope. Hope to see you in-game!