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  1. Infinite Anime Music Marathon atm (Patching..)

  2. S> 2 pcs of Earring = 1.8m @ GMT+8 | IGN: Poilu

  3. I don't know them, but I think based on the pics if the players inside the ice wall is their party members, then that's a defensive purpose. It's not abusive its a defensive strategy... Ice Wall is a defensive skill of wizards. Besides, what does this 3 group of party doing in their spot?? I know its not an NOKS map but that's not the point.. Its if they abuse the ICE WALL skill, and I dont think that it abuse the skill.. Maybe this 3 man party happen to KS them and then this big party tried to give a taste of their own medicine and ended up ranting because of the exp down.. I think there should be a compensation if proven that the GMs made a wrong decision? Well were all humans we made mistakes just don't make it too complicated.. Just an Opinion Guys!~ MORE POWER SARAH ADMINS!!!~ ROK ON \m/
  4. Buying Silk Robe = 130k ea. / Elu 17k ea. PM tutubingPASIG , Poilu
  5. Okay.. thank you
  6. Is it going to be implemented? or not? an thank you!!~
  7. Hi I'm having a problem on finding this guy Ford, it seems that he is not on the location where he should be located on.. here are following guides iv'e tried to read.. http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=50000&qid=50013 http://irowiki.org/wiki/Crusader_Skill_Quest http://www.ragnarok-guide.com/ragnarok-crusader-platinum-skill-quest/ http://www.excalibur-nw.com/forum/topic/26886-shrink-paladincrusader-platinum-skill/ QUESTION: Where to start the Shrink Platinum Skill Quest?
  8. 4rh4y kh0 b3h tha'ts harsh
  9. B> Glove = 850k will be on @ 6pm GMT+8

  10. S> Creamy Card PM Mabuhok / Poilu / Burneker offer
  11. How to delete character?

    1. diivo


      Only maintenance if you can delete characters, the site during maintenance

    2. balbuni
  12. Thank you.. didn't notice that one rule (or didn't want to notice it haha jk)