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  2. Too much bragging... rubbish player talking shits.. 😂 as if you are that strong.. you're just a trash 😜

  3. Too much bragging... rubbish player talking shits.. 😂 as if you are that strong.. you're just a trash 😜

  4. Did you patch you client? or maybe ventikender is right.. Maybe its the santa poring pet
  5. Could you add more Christmas mobs especially Christmas Thief for this event? To think that it will only drop items to make a 'Christmas Gift Box' and there's a low chance to get the stuff we are expecting to have from that box.. Is it really Christmas in RSS? It's something like you don't want to share the costume to your players..
  6. I guess we proved them wrong.. Good Job AE!! Nice game LB..

  7. **BUMPING** Is there any GvG Rules for Friendship Cup that was posted??
  8. +1 Can be.. FC (big event) is more important than regular WOE.. No need to rush.. no pressure on their side..
  9. S> Condensed Slims 3k/ea

  10. I thought the event will start at 9pm?? Then now it's 10pm.. Can you please stick to what's the original sched? Then now, you scheduled a maintenance before the big event just for Battlegrounds and "Misa de Gallo"? Can't those features wait 'til the Friendship Cup is over? Or Like re-sched the maintenance on the next day or start the maintenance after the event.. It's not easy to organize the guild in less than 1-2 hrs.. How to be you po? I can't really think of any reason why other players keeps on saying that the GMs were on AE's side..
  11. Don't underestimate LB.. LB deserve that slot.. If we lose, it will be very much accepted.. Can we know your guild? 'coz you've been commenting flames here.. Then hiding in a dummy account.. Such a pity cry baby trying to get other's attention.. Please stop your childish act.. We don't want to be rude. Don't push us to our limit.. We want a healthy game here.. If you don't belong from ADOBO EXCELLEON or LIMITBREAKER.. STFU!!! There's no room for cry baby losers here
  12. OH EM GEE!! Sir/Mam, seriously "Ano po ba talaga pinaglalaban mo?" Your comments were very disturbing.. Just show off what you and your guild got.. Enough hate please.. Let's just see what will happen this Thursday..
  13. Is that the Final sched for Friendship Cup? GL AE!!

  14. Let's just show them what we've got this coming Thursday.. No more lame excuses..