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  1. So it's planned to become a ground target skill? My mistake then. I thought it was removed. Same with the other guy then, if there will be any heads up. Guess we're DSing all the way for now.
  2. Since arrow shower can only be casted towards a target, we can't use arrow shower on the ground to stack traps and throw them at the enemy accurately. Because of this, I don't see any effective way to use traps in PVP anymore. Sure it might still be useful, but as effective as it was in the original Ragnarok. To see what I mean, refer to the video below. This is a tactic that made a hunter's pvp complex and powerful, but by taking away the ground target of arrow shower, this is no longer possible. Are we going to be stuck in building boring double strafing hunters? I don't even know what to do with my skill points.
  3. Not sure, but if we're talking about DS, I'm pretty sure damage > attack speed.
  4. Fire arrows, maybe? I haven't tried, but your dex should be around 140 (including your skills, bonuses, and items).
  5. IGN: Arkill Screenshot:
  6. It's kind of unfair though. It's just like when a driver of a bus gets reckless and makes a collision, all the innocent passengers are affected as well. Some may even die and it's not their fault. (Getting deep here)
  7. Hi! If you could sell your drawings, you'd be a billionaire for sure. Not suggesting RMT, but I'm just saying. Take it as a compliment.
  8. Welcome! I hope you get an English speaking guild, it's kind of hard to find one.
  9. Hello! I've been playing for a month or so now in this server, and I am addicted. In my previous servers, I only needed to pay real money to get items since everybody does it (well, almost). Now, we have to work our asses off to become successful. I like that. Thank for an awesome server. =) Only downside is I play instead of studying.. Worth it?
  10. We don't need these kind of people in the game. =)
  11. I once thought that Ymir coins are like real money currency in game.
  12. The jobxp in toy factory around job lvl 44 is terrible though. West orc will be a lot faster when trying to get to job 50.
  13. Simple but great.
  14. I remember the pre-nerf blitzers, when you didn't need a bow. The DPS was godly.
  15. Yes, but I was just proving a point on how effective an over-leveled HB is compared to its cost. It costs around 1.8m and does almost the same damage as a 8m bow (depending on your stats), which can mean a lot for poor hunters. I suggest using a +7HB if you really don't have zeny and save for a bow specialized on farming a certain monster to farm more efficiently.