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  1. IGN of reporter : oOo pOet oOo Reported IGN: +Joe+ Prints Screen: This player named +Joe+ Pub and stating that "B>whisper Card pm offer" and someone offered him and then, he said something inappropriate, thus this report.
  2. IGN : Gads_Strike Job: Monk Print Screen:
  3. As far as all know malakas lng ang hangin jan sa brain mo . . . kaya pa deflate namn kunte para namn ma bawasan. Indeed nang yayaka sakin pvp pero ano ginawa mo ? Bwing? and nag sasabi ka repots ka lng ? kung wala nga hangin jan sa utak mo? SASAbak ka sa gyera or pvp 1 v 1 wala pots or kunte or dalhilan.com na??la? tsk tsk Pabawas namn ng hangin jan pre! sayang lng oras ko sayo. P.S. Just enjoy the sanction that will be given to you.
  4. IGN of reporter : G a d s Reported IGN: Boss Harley Prints Screen: This player named Boss Harley lured mobs to wiped our party and then I sent him a message to tell him to stop what he's doing, but he didn't listen;thus this report.
  5. IGN : G a d s Guild Name : The Green Warrior Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/EnvYGads
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  7. In-game Name: G a d s ( Knight v2 ) Job: Knight Screenshot:
  8. yup dude!! you need to find this npc. . and post it here. . .!i think we need to post it or screenshot for 10 times.
  9. In-game Name: G a d s ( Knight v2 ) Job: Knight Screenshots:
  10. IGN: Gads Guild Name(Optional): Prontera Business Club Facebook LINK: https://www.facebook.com/EnvYGads
  11. IGN:Gads GUILD: Prontera Business Club Greeting: Rok on guys!!! Picture:
  12. IGN : Gads Guild Name : Prontera Business Club Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/EnvYGads
  13. Follow the format given by the Gm's and yes if you're international player and if you're not you don't need to post a video just go to the event in person. That video is served as your presence at the said GEB (for international players only) and that's the req. in order to qualify in the said event! On that Day donation: Costume prize < For International players, they should donate on Oct 23, 2016 5am - 3pm server>​( in this you need to donate at the same date and time before 3pm onwards beyond 3pm is not valid cos they will start the raffle draw )
  14. I think bro. you didn't get what I mean about my concern.I know that raffle (fundraising event) and raffle draw for (costume) is on that day you donate in venue bro! I think we need to go to ticket system so that we're qualify for the raffle event (Fundraising event)! I just posted it here because I wasn't able to file it in TICKET SYSTEM cos of some errors occured while I'm filling it and that's why I posted it here so that the Gm's will review or verify about my concern in raffle draw and knowing that this is for international players concerns only . I'm just hoping that they will consider my concern so I posted it here. If you say that there's no need to file or post it well that's better but my big concern is I think we need to file it in "ticket system" in order to qualify in the raffle draw which is (Laptop, Mouse, Keyboard and Headset)
  15. Title - Donation GrandEB Raffle Username: EnvYGads17 Claim name: EnvYGads Amount of Pods: 1 Pod Paypal Transaction Number:05H74204WX962604U Date of donation: 08-24-2016 @12:13:47 AM Real Name: John Mark Gaddi / Sherill Tapdasan Ign: Gads Job: Blacksmith Remarks: Hi! Gm I'm not an international player but I try to file in TICKET SYSTEM unfortanetly error occured! So Im hoping that I can participate to the said event and I listed here my Donation history so that you can verify it. I really hope you can consider this one for me! thanks a lot and I'm going to the GEB also thanks !