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  1. Oh.
  2. hihi
  3. Why does it tell me I am not authorized when I try to go to the deleted page? I just get redirected. Yes, I am logged in. I've tried refreshing too. :s
  4. Careful of polls. They are easy skew results with multiple accounts etc, or even bots.
  5. People feel so entitled to priest buffs the second they demand them, it's disgusting.
  6. I am wondering this too. I still need to find an alcohol to make my white dye, but I made all my characters with blue hair assuming I could just delete them and remake them after I got a name I liked. Turns out it was a little more complicated than that and now I'm stuck farming a million dyestuff ingredients :v
  7. Was the for fabre/pupa, got a wolf card in the first ten mins :(
  8. I like the official dyes, it's the poorly made pserver dyes I don't like. It's nice when there is a bit of variety and everyone doesn't look totally the same. I would willingly pay for an official dye.
  9. :D yay. what guilds are you guys in?
  10. For a while I didn't know what the PH flag waving meant. I thought people were just running around being patriotic. Then someone explained to me it was for buffs lol
  11. Reporter Name: Hush IGN of the abuser: Galford Screenshot/s: Remarks: Threw a fit because he didn't get a buff.
  12. Thanks guys :] Bored so I made myself a thingy:
  13. Me farming alcohol from black mushroom: (╯°□°)╯︵ â”»â”â”»

    1. Mouse


      Don't get wasted, drink moderately.