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  1. The best solution to this kind of issue is to extend the time of loot ownership, I reckon.
  2. same for me. I noticed that if you have multiple items being vend, in this case, chain[3]. As soon as you vend it, it will appear from the listings, however, if someone buys one or two, your whole shop will be removed from the listing. I noticed this instance after the 2-2 job patch
  3. I just don't understand the sense of "quit vending". What are you going to do with the zenny earned when you are going to quit after all? RMT? If you want to quit. just quit.
  4. not a valid reason to resell at high price.
  5. http://community.sarahserver.net/index.php?/topic/7128-false-vending/
  6. Reporter:tinjo Abuser:A R B A B Remarks:Selling unslotted Muff and Buckler at slotted price
  7. Reporter:tinjo Abuser:MiraSan Remarks:Selling unslotted Muff at slotted price
  8. thank you my good sir.
  9. Hi GMs, can we please address this issue on the next server maintenance???
  10. Ghost Bandana 8m
  11. Hi! can you add analysis for VVVS weapons?
  12. for PvM ONLY farming BS. I suggest agi mine is: 180 aspd (with buffs, adre, berserk) 100 str (90+6, loud excl +4 ) 15 base dex (bonuses not incl) 30 luk (28+2) for perfect dodge and bonus atk dmg 45 vit (39+6) as for the flee, I can't remember, but this will be enough if you reach the proper agi to achieve 180 aspd for weapons. I have all elements of 2hx for battle. haha my build hits around 900+ to mermans, around 750 to mino around 800 to ancient mummy.. then again, this is only good for PvM since this is an agi build, for farming only.
  13. the server is telling you guys to take some time off. hahahaha.. jk
  14. Hi beloved GMs, admin. Please include this one in the server's maintenance agenda this Tuesday. Thank you!
  15. Yes, the duration is still the same. the only issue is the display. I heavily rely to this information since I'm bad in memorizing what time I started using the potion.