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  1. OMFG FINALLY Waiting for this for a month!
  2. I still can't delete my characters. Even in maintenance time. Here go an print. And adm doesn't answer me anymore, even that I'm asking for help EVERY day since 14 May. I'm giving up this server, unfortunately...
  3. Same! I'm waiting for this since I messed up one point in the distribution of my character's build. Can anyone tell me when will be the next maintenance?
  4. Hmm,,, Tnx for the answer. But it would even be an effective method against that? Because it harms several players without bad intentions.
  5. This is taking too long... :( Could someone explain to me why the staff does it? Why block the simple function to delete characters?
  6. This will be my farewell, cause I have to redo my character (accidentally messed up 1 point in the distribution of my build). IGN: Winderer Screenshot:
  7. LOL
  8. I would like to understand.
  9. Sup, bro! Be welcome to the server! RoK On! \m/
  10. Good evening from Brazil!
  11. Omg what a wonderful draw! Brazilian welcome to u! RoK On! \m/
  12. Oh. I didn't remember that oldtimes was that way. Tnx
  13. Just the topic title.
  14. I realy want to commend this buddy, too! He's always very solicitous with me in this forum.
  15. The NPC doesn't let me start the quest for Play Dead/Trick Dead, despite being JLv10 Novice.