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  1. livechat? what livechat?? there is no chat in this site
  2. HOW LONG SHOULD I WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST NEED MY DONATION TO BE CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW HARD CAN THAT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. yah but how long exactly? like i said earlier, the last time i donated was june and it was confirmed in 2 mins.. now ive been waiting for half an hour so there must be something wrong coz its taking this long until now
  4. Now a days, does it take time for the GM to process my donation??? the last time i donated it only took 2 mins for the GM to reply and confirm my donations..
  5. i have a smart postpaid plan, i want to donate using smart money but i dont know how. can anyone help me? tnx
  6. Dear GM, My name is Winston T Ong, i am a well-educated person who respects and follows the rules of the community. I really don't think I deserve to be in jail. http://community.sarahserver.net/index.php?/topic/11716-quit-vending/ Reasons why: 1ST: I was not aware, HONESTLY, had no idea that using the word QUITING in store name is ILLEGAL. I see many players do the same. I just though that it's a good name that players take interest of, to peek into my store. in short its a figure of speech in marketing strategies. 2ND; When i saw the report, he stated (Makabawi man lang sa nagjail sa akin! HAHAHAHA! ) - LANGUAGE: It is written in tagalog language. as far as i'm concern that is ILLEGAL. - ILL-MANNERED: i don't know if u did understand his report but let me translate it for u, it means " just to be even who once threw me in jail" (he is reporting for revenge not for the sake of the community but for his self satisfaction) Please think this through
  7. Reporter: T S U R U G I Abuser: Naka Remarks: pls gm hear my request.. its been a long day i want to level up peacefully with no ruckus whatsoever.. this player im reporting is an ill manered player. ask anybody what these guys are doing will really make u mad.. no respect at all in anyway! i dont want to say any foul words althought i want to! but i didnt. pls check this players here in CMD_fild02.. taking all our lure and such.. no respect! damn! this is really making me angry! http://www.imgpaste.net/image/K9Sr2 there is something wrong with the picture.. i dont know why.. i know ur busy, but can u help us and check them out.. pls and thank you help us gm! they keep on abusing us.. taking everything from us.. how is this a friendly community? if players like these keeps bullying the weaker ones. http://www.imgpaste.net/image/K9XX7
  8. Ill mannered player.. cCaF.jpg
  9. IGN: K I M D S Guild Name (Optional): Headgear Name: HAT
  10. what items should i buy for my assassin? clean equipment, no + and max slots. coz i wanna buy items 1 buy and add cards in the future.. suggestion guys? my assassin has 45 dex. and i still misses agi type players such as hunters and stuff.. what should i do????
  11. omg no VIT! ahaha