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  1. will there still be endless tower/agit lord? :( i'm thinking of giving my stuff away for free... especially newbies. of course.

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    2. P e e k a

      P e e k a

      @HowToSaveALife bored to death huhu T,T
      @acel18 you are not newbie, acel XD

    3. HowToSaveALife


      come with us. Do some BH, or make new chars for the mean time. If I'm not mistaken, endless tower will be implemented soon. Oh BTW, I'm a newbie. Haha! :)

    4. Erza


      im a newbie

  2. Are you telling me to pm you again? haha. Let me know when you are free. I tried to pm you just now, but it seems like you're not online. #cantunderstandtagalog
  3. yep. 3250pcs left
  4. RANKED DAMASCUS - 6.5m...!!! *Package only* +5 VVVS Perfect Forger's Damascus *Rank 1* - 1.8m +5 VVS Perfect Forger's Wind Damascus *Rank 1* - 1.8m +5 VVS HGBE's Earth Damascus *Rank 6* - 1.6m +5 VVS Master Howard's Fire Damascus *Rank 8* - 1.6m
  5. awww i sold them to NPC last time :'(
  6. I forgot to update this post. *Wizz eqs sold **will update more later. i forgot what items are still available XD
  7. S>Free
  8. ============================[10/1/2016, 8:07PM]========================== Items sold: +4 Divine Muffler {Isis} +4 Glorious Muffler {Hode} +4 Hood of Warmth {Dustiness} +4 Cranial Guard {Thara Frog} +4 Decorative Golden Bell Poring Card ====================================================================
  9. Sorry brother. package only ~__~
  10. Yesterday night.... Rating: ★★★☆☆
  11. ============================[5/1/2016, 12:02AM]========================== Items sold: Rough Wind Healing Potions ~ 20k+ pcs *still have 10k+ pcs left* Earring[0] ~ 2 pcs ====================================================================
  12. sorry package only. hehe ============================[3/1/2016, 7:28AM]============================ Item sold: +7 Erudite Circlet {Elder Willow} ====================================================================
  13. ============================[1/1/2016, 9:16AM]============================ Items sold: Rogue Set Necklace[0] ~ 1 pc =======================================================================
  14. Beep beep! sorry brotherrrrrr. package only
  15. ============================[30/12/2016, 10:08PM]============================ Items sold: Star Dust ~ 500pcs still have some left +7 Buckler from Hell {Khalitzburg} reserved Costume: Bunny Band reserved Costume: Sunglasses Baseball Hat Sunday Hat Goblin Card Plankton Card =======================================================================