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  1. Hello Sarah? How are you? I miss you. :(

    1. iAnarchy


      I miss you too. :(

  2. Pfft! 9pm? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Be my Valentine plith

    1. Kas
    2. ladylove


      Where are my items Kas?!

    3. Christian Bale

      Christian Bale

      Ok. I'm free on Feb 14. 8pm?

  4. Tsk, 412 online players. *sigh

    1. antigravity
    2. Thedge


      ung mga maarte lang po nagquit, ung puro complain, ^^, ill stay until RSS will close..

    3. Too Ez

      Too Ez

      you there love?


  5. +7 Crystal Pumps and +4 Speedy tights for 8m plith. Thank you!
  6. Let us hunt plith! PM Lady Xandria

  7. OMG. Grabeh. I don't know what to say too,
  8. So papano yan? Talo pa din kayo. What does strider mean when he said there will be a GVG on Saturday?
  9. Roster update greed? Last time you told me, 20/56. :D
  10. PM me here or in-game :)
  11. LOL! Server's really getting shittier by the moment
  12. I bet no boss/employer/company would allow an employee to have a leave/requested day off with 3 days notice. LB can shoot their foot and file a sick leave maybe. I'll be their nurse. :P
  13. I agree with Ardz on this. 3 days isn't enough time to prep for a major event like this. I feel sorry for LB.